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Incident Report 15/20/2464 - 20/10/2465

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Reporting Personnel: Imogen Janse
Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Consular Officer
Game ID:   cqn-dyT4 for the 10/20/23 one, unsure of the other

Personnel Involved: 

Imogen Janse, Consular Officer - Victim

Caden Montigue, Pharmacist - Offender

Eileen Goldschmidt, Bridge Crewman: Witness to essentially the entire situation on 10/15/2465

Nicole Nadig, Chief Medical Officer:  Reprimanded Mr. Montigue, and discovered the wildly incorrect fulfillment of my prescription on 10/15/2465

Andrea Illazso, Chief Medical Officer: Oversaw Mr. Montigue's refusal to fulfill the presciption 10/20/2465

Secondary Witnesses: (No Secondary witnesses, due to the concern for medical confidentiality)

Time of Incident: N/A

Real Time: 8ish EST 10/15/23 and 8ish EST 10/20/23
Location of Incident: Medical Bay, SCCV Horizon

Nature of Incident:
[ ] - Workplace Hazard
[ ] - Accident/Injury
[ ] - Destruction of Property
[X] - Neglect of Duty
[ ] - Harassment
[ ] - Assault
[X] - Misconduct
[ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Overview of the Incident: 

Now on two separate occasions, and shifts, SCCV Horizon Pharmacist Caden Montigue has either mishandled the fulfillment of a legally prescribed medication, or otherwise refused to do so and questioned the legitimacy of said prescription despite its presence within SCC verified medical records.   This is caused me some substantial discomfort due to the circumstances surrounding the prescription in question, and while in both cases I was able to see that Mr. Montigue was overridden by other medical staff, the effort and time required to do so was substantial and extended my discomfort in both cases.  

on 10/15/2465 - Mr. Montigue refused to fulfill my prescription without confirmation by a Physician beforehand.  I reluctantly complied with his request, and saw one of the shift's assigned medical staff to have my Prescription 'verified' for the shift, in what is an unnecessary step added given the SCC verifies all records of the ship's crew.  Following this 'verification' Mr. Montigue 'fulfilled' my prescription with a wildly incorrect dosage of a different medication, which according to CMO Nicole Nadig, would have resulted in a overdose had I taken the usual dosage of pills.  Dr. Nadig reprimanded Mr. Montigue and saw that my prescription was fulfilled properly after a time.  Furthermore she made the addition of a note saying the prescription had been verified to my medical-records to pre-empt this from occurring again.  

on 10/20/2465 - Mr. Montigue repeated his insistence that my prescription required verification, despite the note from Dr. Nadig verifying the legitimacy of said prescription.  Dr. Montigue then insisted that 'records are known to be incorrect, particularly around prescriptions'.  This time Mr. Montigue mentioned it was a 'sin to mix chemicals in a diluted pill' as prescribed by my doctor, and again, fulfilled my prescription incorrectly which I thusly refused to accept.  The Chief Medical officer of this shift, Dr. Andrea Illazso at some point overrode Mr. Montigue and insisted that he prescription be fulfilled properly and saw that it was delivered to my person.  

While in each case I ended up with the appropriate medication eventually, Mr. Montigue seems to have a desire at every point to induce delays into the process for arbitrary and unreasonable justifications. In addition to that his negligence during his initial distribution of my prescription on 10/15/2465 could very well have resulted in substantial injury and risk to personal health if I had taken the medication as prescribed.  I believe these are more than suitable grounds for an investigation involving Neglect of Duty for his refusal to fulfill legitimate, and properly verified Prescriptions, and misconduct in his mishandling of my prescription on 10/15/2465.  


Submitted Evidence: 

10/20/2465 - https://imgur.com/a/wRVDbo1

10/15/2465 - I took no evidence during this shift, as I initially planned to simply leave it to Dr. Nadig to resolve appropriately.  

Would you like to be personally interviewed?: 
[X] - Yes
[ ] - No

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?:  Yes, Dr. Nicole Nadig CMO on 10/15/2465 , and Dr. Andrea Illazso on 10/20/2465
Actions taken: I informed the CMO in both cases, and in both cases my prescription was fulfilled correctly after a substantial delay.  I would assume both CMOs reprimanded Mr. Montigue, however I'm not privy to that.  But obviously given that it's continued to be an issue, I believe more official action is required as the underlying issue with Mr. Montigue's behavior has not been addressed.  

Additional Notes: N/A

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TO: Imogen Janse, Consular Officer, SCCV Horizon

FROM: Human Resources, AMS, NTCC Odin

SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report




This is an automated message to inform you that your incident report has been received and placed in a queue for the HR Division to review.


If necessary, you will be contacted by a HR Assistant when an investigation begins.


DTG: 20-21:32-TAU CETI STANDARD-10-2465



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TO: Imogen Janse, Consular Officer, SCCV Horizon

FROM: Human Resources, AMS, SCCV Horizon

SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report



This is an automated message to inform you that an investigation has now been opened regarding your incident report, and assigned to HRA Karolina Velikaite (Ramke).

You may be contacted by the HR Assistant for an interview, or you may contact them directly if you have any questions.


DTG: 24-11:19-TAU CETI STANDARD-10-2465



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TO: Imogen Janse, Consular Officer, SCCV Horizon

FROM: Karolina Velikaite, HR, SCCV Horizon

SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report



The investigation of this incident has concluded, and appropriate action has been taken for affected individuals. 

This matter will now be considered resolved.


DTG: 10-10:23-TAU CETI STANDARD-11-2465

SIGN: K. Velikaite



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