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[ACCEPTED] Commendation Report 12/3/2023

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Reporting Personnel: Maximilian Burns

Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Captain

Game ID: cq6-dCq8

Commended Personnel:

Jamari Sauter - Chef

Gregory Digson - Bartender


Maximilian Burns, Captain - Attended feast and saw large assortment of beverages and excellent food prepared.

Cordia Caladius, Executive Officer - Organized feast and spoke highly of the preparations Sauter and Digson made for it, as well as the end result.

Xuq Gir-Loveq, Research Director - Observed the feast and spoke highly of both Sauter and Digson's work.


Time of Commendable Act: 00:40

Real Time: 8:00 EST

Location of Act: Holodeck Alpha


Chef Sauter in cooperation with Bartender Digson prepared a large feast for the Dominian Feast of Rewnewal. Despite neither of them being Dominian themselves they put above and beyond effort into it and prepared a wide variety of dishes and drinks. They spent two days before the feast preparing and provided an excellent experience for the entire crew. Seeing as how both went above and beyond to raise crew morale and encourage a spirit of cooperation among a culturally diverse crew it is my opinion, and the opinion of the other heads of staff present for the shift including the organizer of the feast Executive Officer Cordia Caladius that both Chef Jamari Sauter and Bartender Gregory Digson deserve a formal commendation and all associated benefits for their efforts.

Additional Notes:


Edited by William Murdoch
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TO: Maximilian Burns, Captain, SCCV Horizon 

FROM: Human Resources, AMS, NTCC Odin 

SUBJECT: RE: Commendation Report



This commendation report has been accepted with the following actions:
Jamari Sauter - Mentioned in Dispatches for promoting crew morale and cultural cooperation during a holiday of another culture.

Gregory Digson - Mentioned in Dispatches for promoting crew morale and cultural cooperation during a holiday of another culture.

All actions will be added to relevant employee's records, as well as each will receive a 300 credit Idris Catalogue gift card.

The actions taken to assist in preparation of a major Dominian holiday, despite cultural differences, is emblematic of how all employees should strive to cooperate and work together. For taking steps to cross cultural boundaries for the sake of crew morale, and to ensure a proper feast is had, the above actions are provided.


DTG: 04-12:29-TAU CETI STANDARD-12-2465



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