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Complaint, Direwolf, Harlowe Beenit

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BYOND Key: Jboy2000000

Player Byond Key: Direwolf20

Staff involved: Baka

Reason for complaint: I joined the game to find Aux tool storage and EVA broken into by a miner, who told me that Harlowe had broken into the captain's office,stolen the spare ID, raided the armoury, and kill (ganked) a borg, a few seconds after I was told that, the entire bridge was EMP'd. After that I tried to go to security and get geared up, since I was the HoS, but I found that Harlowe had also taken an entire tank of N20 and released it into security and the halls around it, that was what I ahelped Baka about. Later in the round, I was able to get a stun revolver with the help of the RD who joined late in the game as well, so I went off to scavage the armoury and see if I could get anything. While I was doing that, Serenity was attacked by Harlowe, to my understanding, there was no RP there either, and from heresay it sounds like he was using a carabine set to lethal. She teleported to the bridge with a hand tele at the same time I got there, and we called the emergency shuttle. Apperantly the miner from earlier was taken hostage by Harlowe at this point, and he demanded the shuttle be recalled. We were in science getting the borg he killed earlier rebuilt, and we weren't just going to let what he was doing go on, so we said no, and apperantly the miner was executed, and if he followed the trend hes seems to have been, I don't think there was any RP there beside "Do what I say or I blow his head off." Now, the RD who was played by Deathly can probably help some more light on what happened with then, and probobly could the borg Centros, but I don't know his cKay.

Approximate Date/Time: 29APR2015, 9am~ America time.

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While my personal encounter with Harlowe was brief at best, having used the aforementioned hand-tele as an escape. I do recall that Centros was remotely detonated quite suddenly and out of the blue, while on the other side of the station. However I am unaware if any prior encounter between Harlowe and Centros provoked this action.

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Actually was an Antag that round and this has been discussed by my and other staff members and has already been resolved. I actually honestly forgot just /how quickly/ N20 spread, But thats beside the point, I admit I shouldnt have released it in the first place...as for the other stuff, Yes, I stole the captains spare to Sabotage Telecomms. As for the borg i honestly don't remember doing /anything/ to the borg, Now when I say that it doesn't mean I didn't do anything, just means I personally don't remember doing anything.Also even after the leak got bad, and before I was warned I went around to try and fix it...This is a /very/ old situation as in like, weeks old. and it has long been resolved by staff.

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I had already talked to Direwolf about the issue and warned them to think through their actions very carefully next time, and they were apologetic.

I will be closing and archiving this issue. Please PM me if you have questions or concerns about this particular issue.

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