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General Staff Guidelines

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Staff Guidelines


The staff team as a whole is under the purview of the Head staff, typically made up by the Head Developers and two Head Admins. CCIA and Moderation staff fall under the Head Admins, whereas the Development team, Wiki Maintainers and Lore staff fall under the Head Developers.


All resignations must take place by going to the relevant staff head.

Staff applications must be up for at least seven days before being accepted.

General Code of Conduct

Breaches of the guidelines will result in action being taken against the staff member by either the relevant head staff or the moderation team, depending on the entity and severity of the breach in question.

  • You are expected to be an example for the community and to generally be on your best attitude. Observing decorum, whether in public or debating fellow team members in staff channels or private messages, is a requirement for continued participation in the staff team. 
  • Being banned on the game server, on the Forums, or on Discord will lead to your staff status being immediately stripped, whatever it may be. It is possible for your staff status to also be removed without a ban if it is found to be appropriate by the Head staff. Similarly, racking up a high amount of official warnings will also lead to a review of your staff position.
    • Some teams, such as the Lore team, have their own internal warnings system, which may only be used for internal issues relating to misuse of staff powers or disciplinary problems inside of the staff discord. Disciplinary issues on the game server, on the Forums, or on Discord fall strictly under the purview of the moderation team.
  • You are expected to be reasonably active. How active depends largely on the position, and this is outlined in the department in question’s guidelines, but totally ghosting your department will generally result in your removal from staff.
  • Each staff team has its own guidelines that can be found on the wiki. You must follow those guidelines as well.


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