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Public Notice: Executive Visitor Katrina Silvers

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The following message was sent to every employee that works aboard the NSS Aurora.


To the crew of the NSS Aurora,

I am Katrina Silvers, Lead Director of the Katana AI Project. Some of you may know of me, some of you have met me in person. I'm fairly certain you're all familiar with what the Katana AI Project is, and with who Katana is at this point. If not, a recently released document about the project has been attached to this message (http://aurorastation.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=1766). I would also recommend meeting with Katana and getting to know her; She has had her schedule adjusted for the netx few days to have all her next deployments aboard the NSS Aurora in preparation for a planned upcoming visit.

Now, for the reason I'm writing this message. I have worked out an executive visit with NanoTrasen, to come aboard the NSS Aurora and speak with the crew regarding Katana's performance. While I do have the logs and records saved by Katana, we feel getting an idea of how the crew Katana works with feels would aid in her development. With that in mind, I ask you to please, take some time to meet with Katana, get to know her, see how she handles her work, and come up with anything you'd like to ask or say about the project when I come by. Criticism, praise, questions, I'm open to anything you have to say - And don't be afraid to give criticism. Criticism is tells us what may be wrong and what may need to be fixed.

We do not yet have a day and time set for my visit, but we are looking at sometime this upcoming weekend, or early next week.

Katrina M. Silvers

Katana AI Project Director

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Guest Menown

Reply: Kartrina M. Silvers,

You've been visited by the spooky-scary skeleton! Reblog this to four friends within the hour to have great luck forever!

-Nima Kozak

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Reply: Katrina M. Silvers

Look for Nasir. He will be very happy to speak with you and honored to show you around the station.

-Nasir Khayyam

Owner, IOV Rankov. Chief Engineer, NSS-Aurora


Nasir Khayyam,

I'll be sure to do that. I'll also be coming by to the Rankov sometime late next week to speak with you and your crew about Katana's performances there.

Katrina M Silvers

Katana AI Project Director

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