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Review Requests - Point Verdant Community Pharmacy Reimbursement

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Reporting Personnel: Qiol Nalo Jrolk, Quvs.
Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Chief Medical Officer

Personnel in Question:

  • Cody Pettimore
    • Diagnosed with sternum and right arm fracture, as-well as a brachial artery dissection. As there were no suitable surgical theatres we had to resort to experimental treatment in the form of Bicaridine Overdose Therapy.
    • Costs: x1 60u Bottle of Bicaridine (100 Credits), x2 Full Body Medical Scans (2,000 Credits each, 4,000 Credits total), x1 pre-packaged Thetamycin syringe (20 Credits)
    • Total Cost: 4,120 Credits
  • Homer Donaldson
    • Diagnosed with water-induced pneumothorax, treated with needle decompression thoracostomy and pneumalin.
    • Costs: x1 27G Syringe (12 Credits), x1 Full Body Medical Scan (2,000 Credits), x1 5u Pneumalin Inhaler (40 Credits)
    • Total Cost: 2,052 Credits
  • Lincolin Owens
    • Diagnosed with a dislocation of the mandible, treated with Perconol and physically reset. Later came back in with severe aortic dissection and sternum fracture. Treatment involved using a surgical kit to open the thoracic cavity, repair the aorta, and treat the sternum.
    • Costs: x1 Pill Bottle of Perconol (10 Credits), x1 15u Autoinjector of Dylovene (25 Credits), x2 5u Autoinjectors of Alkysine (300 Credits), x2 5u Autoinjectors of Polysomnine (150 Credits), x3 Full Body Medical Scans (6,000 Credits), x1 Pre-Packaged 15u Thetamycin Syringe (20 Credits), x1 15u Autoinjector of Inaprovaline (50 Credits), x3 5u Autoinjectors of Mortaphenyl (240 Credits)
    • Total Cost:  6,795 Credits
  • Vivian Dubois
    • Diagnosed with liver and kidney toxicity as a result of... frolicking in sewage and likely ingesting some.. Treated with Percunol Syrup and Dylovene.
    • Costs: x1 60u Bottle of Verunol Syrup (12 Credits), x1 15u Autoinjector of Dylovene (25 Credits), x1 Full Body Medical Scan (2,000 Credits)
    • Total Cost: 2,037 Credits
  • Robin Shelby
    • They are a member of the Horizon's crew and had O- blood, of which Mister Owens needed because Point Verdant does not have a blood bank. I had to manually withdraw their blood and inject it into Mister Owens to save his life, they needed antibiotics and a scan due to the cross contamination. Can bill to Mister Owens.
    • Costs: x1 Pre-Packaged Thetamycin Syringe (20 Credits), x1 Full Body Medical Scan (2,000 Credits), x1 27G Syringe (12 Credits)
    • Total Cost: 2,032 Credits
  • Point Verdant Police Department
    • So many of our crew were getting injured, or were so intoxicated, that the Point Verdant Police Department required responder-supplies to recover them. I said I would personally cover one mini first aid kit, one advanced trauma kit, one pill bottle of perconol, and one syringe of inaprovaline.
    • Costs: x1 Advanced Trauma Kit (20 Credits), x1 Mini First Aid Kit (10 Credits), x1 Pill Bottle of Perconol (10 Credits), x1 15u Autoinjector of Inaprovaline (50 Credits)
    • Total Cost: 90 Credits
  • Qiol Nalo-Jrolk, Quvs.
    • I required supplies to treat the wounded.
    • Cost: x1 Box of Nitrile Gloves (3 Credits), x1 First Aid Kit (40 Credits), x1 Surgical Kit (800 Credits)
    • Total Cost: 843 Credits


Total Owed to Point Verdant Community Pharmacy: 17,969 Credits

Job Title of Personnel in Question: N/A

Reason for Review:
[ ] - Extended Arrest History
[ ] - Grievous Infraction on Record
[X] - Other: Reimbursement to Point Verdant Community Pharmacy


All of the aforementioned individuals received treatment and care on 2466-2-24 due to injuries sustained while visiting Point Verdant. As there was no hospital, we had to utilize the community pharmacy which was undersupplied. As I did not have enough credits to pay for the medication and tools required to treat all of the individual crewmembers, I told Soo-ji Kyeong, the local Pharmacist,  I would submit a request for wage garnishment of wounded crew or reimbursement from the Horizon. I was not aware of the prices of medication, though all of it was necessary in my medical opinion. They were also fortunate enough to not charge us for the onslaught of liver-destroying drunkards that descended upon the city. The local authorities have said that they are "willing to turn a blind eye" to my practice of medicine given that I saved the lives of both Konyang citizenry, and the SCCV Horizon's crew, and have offered me an intoxicating beverage the next time I am in Point Verdant given my work.

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TO: Qiol Nalo-Jrolk, Quvs, Chief Medical Officer, SCCV Horizon
FROM: Maria Leoz, HRA, SCCV Horizon
Apologies for the delay.

All bills have been reimbursed to the Point Verdant Community Pharmacy as requests for payment were received. Due to major events occurring on Konyang, the response to this Request was delayed.

Due to the number of high-cost treatments, the insurance premiums for the following staff have been increased:

  • Cody Pettimore
  • Homer Donaldson
  • Lincolin Owens
  • Vivian Dubois
  • Robin Shelby

For further questions, please contact your insurance provider or SCC HR.


DTG: 09-15:51-TAU CETI STANDARD-04-2466

SIGN: M. Leoz

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