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Reporting Personnel: Imogen E. Janse
Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Consular Officer, All-Xanu Republic, SCCV Horizon
Game ID: (Silicon Nightmares Ep 4  No idea on actual ID)
Commended Personnel:
-  Umar Ezzideem (Unknown)

- Matsui Yuriko (Unknown)

- Cerriq Koh (Security Officer)

- Safiye Odabasi (Head of Security)

- Aurelien Levasseur (Bridge Crew)

Witnesses: Varied, A substantial percentage of the crew.  
Time of Commendable Act: (Varied)
Real Time: (15:00ish 09/03/2024)
Location of Act: Xiangtong Warehouse, Aoyama Prefecture, Republic of Konyang 


Mentioned above in this request for Commendation are the Individuals who lost their lives in the operation at the Xiangtong Warehouse, where they rendered critical assistance to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Konyang in disabling a Hivebot beacon, the existence of which endangered citizens in surrounding areas, both IPC and organic in nature.  These individuals are of a myriad of origins, and held differing positions, and titles onboard the SCCV Horizon but were united in the fact that they faced this danger willingly, without obligation, nor requirement of service to the Republic of Konyang, nor the Coalition of Colonies.  In this I believe these five members of the Horizon's crew deserve special recognition, and decoration for their ultimate sacrifice in the defense of the Republic of Konyang, Coalition of Colonies, and potentially the entire Orion Spur.  

In separate instances, these individuals faced immense danger with odds, and numbers arrayed fiercely in their enemy's favor and yet they persisted.  In this I believe that their extraordinary heroism, stalwart courage, and unflinching determination until the very end reflect the highest credit upon themselves, and the entire crew of the SCCV Horizon, and is deserving of special recognition as a result.  

It is my opinion that while no words, nor action may adequate repay the debt the citizens of Konyang, nor the Coalition of Colonies owe these individuals, this commendation might be a small step in the appropriate direction, and I hope this request is considered with the proper gravitas.  

Thank you, 

Notes: (This is a Commendation Request to the CoC/Konyang as clear with CCIA/Human Lore, rather than to the SCC)  

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