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Exo-suits/Borgs in Mechs - improvements


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Lately, I had possibility to play full-round as a cyborg, installed in a Odysseus. I spent half of the round with a dead chemist right next to me, with no way to tell if he is dead or alive. My suggestions:

- allow (posi)brains in mechs 'examining' - Not possible to check if someone is SSD, injured, dead. Also, if something can see/look around, should have possibility to examine.

- allow (posi)brains in mechs 'pulling' - That would allow a borg in Odysseus to pull defibrillator from equipment storage and analyze meds that spawn there on the round start. Also, pull obstacles/people from its way.

- add medHUD/secHUD to mechs by default - Borg in odysseus is unable to tell if someone is dead, alive, injuried, healthy. Putting everyone, everytime in a mounted sleeper to check if they are injured is not fun. Also, Gygax/Odysseus/other mechs should have secHUD/medHUD, it's a friggin, large combat/medic mech, right?

- add crew-manifest to exosuit-commands/something in mechs by default - I imagine interior of a large mech is filled with lots of screens, some tell you damage the mech has, some tell you various data like power cell charge or station map, and one should display crew manifest.

I am aware that exo-suits are not used too commonly.


- medical/security headset in mech - you (or only me) can only 'tune' to one frequency (and I could only change frequency to common or private AI, not both, only ONE of them)

- flavor texts would be nice too too

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