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Kaneyama Power Plant Assault - Mission Briefing

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The SCC/KAF joint assault operation on the Kaneyama Power Plant will take place in on March 23, 2466. The SCCV Horizon and her crew are once again asked to partake in the operation alongside personnel from the Konyang Armed Forces to secure the power plant and destroy the Hivebot presence within. This is an all-hands effort.

Department-level objectives and goals remain similar to the operation of the Xiangtong Warehouse approx. two weeks ago. The crew's joint task is to deliver the SCC-manufactured Electronic Countermeasures Device, or ECD, to the power plant's core, and activate it -- doing so will disable Hivebot and rampancy virus presence in the area and, if the analysis is correct, the whole planet.

The Konyang Rampancy Joint Task Force (KRJTF), consisting of leadership from the Konyang government and military, the Konyang Robotics Company (KRC), Einstein Engines (EE), and the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate (SCC), are in the process of collecting as much intel as ascertainable from sources such as blueprints, maps, and area scans, and are currently locating and interviewing former GON-ENE employees of the Kaneyama Power Plant. The following intelligence has so far been made available to us: (edited)

The layout of the facility consists mostly of tight rooms and narrow corridors. Expect heavy presence and usage of CQC (close-quarters combat).

  1. While the power plant has been deactivated, dormant volatile elements such as nuclear fuel and waste remain that may cause a meltdown if subject to damage, such as explosions. This, combined with the Hivebots' established countermeasures and the power plant's own shielding and reinforcements, unfortunately, renders large-scale aerial bombardment infeasible without catastrophic collateral damage.
  2. As above, radioactive nuclear waste and fuel are present and stored in the facility. Care should be advised to read the labels of rooms before entry and to immediately see a medical professional if one experiences symptoms indicative of radiation poisoning. In addition, extreme care should be taken to avoid usage of explosive or incendiary weaponry in close proximity of the reactor cores, due to the risk of meltdown.
  3. Satellite scans are having difficulty penetrating the power plants' radiation shielding; however, it is planned that a map be drawn and provided to all participating crew and KAF servicemembers as soon as possible that provide important locations and details. This is being done using a combination of exterior scans, building plans, and employee interviews.


After consultancy with strategic advisors from the KAF and PMCG, additional equipment has been requisitioned and procured for usage by Horizon crewmembers. It is believed that having more equipment and weapons issued to personnel will greatly increase the odds of mission success, or at least a desirable outcome. The following equipment has been procured to be issued at least 1 to each participating crew member:

  • 1x Nanotrasen "Everyman Mk1" 10mm pistol and ammunition
  • 1x Zavodskoi Interstellar "Terrier" 5.56mm bullpup assault carbine and ammunition
  • 1x Hephaestus Industries G40E laser carbine
  • 1x SCC-issue plate carrier w/ helmet
  • 1x maglight
  • MREs, provided by the Konyang government

In addition, security will be receiving the following additional equipment available to them:

  • 1x SCC-issue heavy plate carrier w/ helmet
  • Choice of the following:
    • Nanotrasen LR-6 laser rifle
    • Zavodskoi Interstellar "Terrier" 5.56mm bullpup assault carbine and ammunition
    • NT/KA Jingya A-1 5.56mm burst rifle
    • Hephaestus Industries KS-40 12ga combat shotgun and ammunition
  • 1x Nanotrasen Mk58 .45 pistol w/ ammunition
  • Standard issue security equipment such as stunbatons and flashes
  • Single PEAC (point-entry anti-materiel cannon) w/ ammunition, for usage by one individual

Additional equipment will be available in more limited requisition:

  • Stabilization medical kits for frontline first aid, containing emergency pouches for trauma, burns, radiation, toxins, and oxygen deprivation.
  • Recharger backpacks. These function as mobile rechargers and are designed to accept laser weaponry and other rechargeable items.

Additionally, after consultancy with Horizon's medical department, additional medical bay retrofits and equipment have been provided to the KRJTF Forward Operating Base (FOB) to facilitate more efficient medical treatment by onsite personnel.

Good luck to those who volunteer. The KRJTF will be providing additional aid and intelligence as necessary when we receive updates.

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