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  1. We could give dionae 240 health and they spawn with six nymphs, the default right now, but it seemed the extra health was unpopular
  2. Should post this https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/issues/8351
  3. Something to include, When a dionae forcefully splits, the dionae is not exactly going to be doing well. You could imagine it as getting brain damage. If someone is splitting/reforming and going right back to what they were doing, that becomes more of a lore issue.
  4. This is still being discussed, with the headdevs/maintainers, but an alternative idea would be: Change nymph health to 40. Give dionae 5 nymphs, not six Make it so if a dionae splits, nymphs are damaged based off of damaged areas (Leftarm-lefthand would be considered a area) or nymphs are damaged based off of the dionae's overhaul health. If 40 is too low or too high, we can easily have that changed in the future. 40 is a decent base. This might be changed a bit though, i'll post a new comment if it is.
  5. After some thought, we've decided we'll be accepting your application!
  6. Hello! Just something you might want to include, when it says your character names, you should put a list of your current characters, not the one you plan to apply with. I sent you a screenshot on discord of what I mean.
  7. Hello, sorry for the delay. After some discussion, we've decided we'll be accepting your app!
  8. Hello! Sorry for the delay with this. I do want to point out that normally a Dionae wouldn't use -s in their name like that, there'd just be spaces. So Helping The Damaged would work as a better name (it'll autocaptalize the the) Although given how minor that is, i'll be accepting your application! Feel free to pm me with any questions, or ask it on the dionae discord, which can be found here: https://discord.gg/PBHZpZ
  9. Hello! Sorry for the delay with this. After some thought, i've decided to accept your application.
  10. Sorry for the delay in this! After some thought, we've decided we'll be accepting your application.
  11. Not fully related, but sorta. There is a actually a very rare event that can spawn traitors/vamps/lings. Although it probably only happens once everyone week or so.
  12. It’s a lot easier for admins and players to just be randomly selected if they have their preferences on. Admins press a button, if a player doesn’t want it, they ahelp, admins removes it with a few more button presses. if we have to do a announcement we have to take every ahelp, tell them the antag type, which risks meta gaming if they don’t want the role, then give them the role, or don’t if no more slots are open for it. Each of which requires a written response plus usually a question or two. Different players make have different experiences, but this is generally how it goes when we do have a announcement for a “special role”
  13. After some disccusion, we've decided we'll be accepting your application!
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