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  1. Just to add my discord key is #Yonnimer#7387 . Cael's is Caelphon#8133 . There is also the dionae discord you can join if you want to discuss any issues there. There's a link in the affilated_groups tab in the main aurora discord.
  2. Please do contact the loredevs when you have issues. We are active and are looking for feedback. A way to change this for dionae is being discussed. It is. Dionae have been massively changing over the past few months. We have actual active loredevs and lore in place to prevent people from using the species to powergame. If you see someone powergaming/breaking lore, inform the loredevs(myself and @Caelphon) We have been doing the best we can to improve the quality of Dionae, but without actually telling us we cannot solve the issues. For all the complaining i've seen, those people rarely actually try talking to me or cael about it.
  3. I'd be fine with this for Dionae. Fairly certain IPCs used to have the same restriction before the rune update.
  4. I do want to add something to nerf dionae cultists as I do agree they are way too stronk right now, although outright disallowing them i'm against. It means cultists have to kill or construct dionae, no converting. I'd rather not have a repeat of all the shit that happend when IPCs were disallowed.
  5. After some discussion we've decided to accept your application!
  6. After some discussion, we've decided to accept your application!
  7. As the person who pressured told them to make this app, I can definity give it a +1. I believe they can handle it based off of the experiences I've had with a liaison they played from the escape pod role.
  8. Sorry for the wait. After some discussion, we've decided to accept your whitelist application!
  9. With Cael's acceptance, one of the two slots is now filled. The other slot is still open for those interested in applying.
  10. After much thought and discussion, i've decided to go ahead and accept your deputy application! Welcome to ~hell~ the team.
  11. Application denied, reasoning discussed with the applicant.
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