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  1. Hi, after some discussion we've decided to accept your app.
  2. After a discussion with the applicant/rest of the team, i'm gonna reverse my earlier decision and accept this app, my original decision on this didn't take some details into full account.
  3. Sorry for how long this took After some discussion with the team, i'm gonna have to deny this The app itself is fine, there's nothing major that couldn't be solved by questions we could ask, however we still hold the same concerns over your antag that we did last month, we haven't seen enough improvement for the concerns to be alleviated. I'm gonna have to ask you to wait until at least the start of 2022 before you reapply if you plan to again in the future. If there are any questions or concerns you can dm me over discord.
  4. Hi, I was the staff member who issued the ban. The issue that lead to this ban wasn't disconnecting without cryoing or ahelping, it's the fact that there's a noticeable trend where you ready up before round start only to cryo or disconnect if you don't get an antag role you want. This isn't really acceptable behavior on a roleplay server, it's fine if you want to play antag, but not for you to only be here to play antag and to leave if you don't get it. Given it's your first ban relating to this i'd normally be willing to unban you, but given it's a tempban that's ending in less than 24 hours i'd rather have the ban run it's course. Appeal denied.
  5. Hello, after some discussion I'm gonna have to deny your app. Your answer to the questions are fine, however, the character's backstory is fairly lacking. Ideally, it should focus mostly on where they came from and how they got to Biesel and began working on station rather than just an explanation of the personality. You'd want their backstory to explain why they have the character traits and opinions on things that they do. The team also has some concerns over your play with the game, most specifically when it comes to antagplay. If you have any questions regarding this feel free to DM me. I do also want to add that Dionae from Adhomai are not allowed as they are pretty much nonexistent. You are free to reapply in the future, however, I'd suggest waiting at least a month, ideally two.
  6. Hi. After some discussion we've decided to accept your app.
  7. Reporting Personnel: Vuugix Quiin Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Scientist Game ID: cc6-aAdL Personnel Involved: Elim Castel, Captain, Offender Angela Ulery, Research Director, Witness Adelina Valdemar, Chief Medical Officer, Witness Secondary Witnesses: Unknown Skrell Pharmacist, Pharmacist, Witness Real Time: 1:00AM EST Location of Incident: Bridge/Radio Nature of Incident: [X ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [X ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [X ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: To keep the before the incident stuff brief, there were tups on station hunting some sort form of refugees, this was not really communicated by any of command to myself or science until after the shuttle was called. I was made aware there were tups on station since I arrived about thirty minutes into the shift, but, not why they were there or who the refugees were, I wasn't even aware they were refugees until the director gave us a briefing after a transfer shuttle was called. Around an hour or so after I arrived, while in chemistry I noticed another skrell was in a science uniform working on the RND console with the director. I was a bit confused at the time since there was no other skrell on the manifest. Eventually however I saw they were wearing an ID with my name and job title on it, Vuugix Quiin, Scientist. I didn't say anything at the time since I assumed it was going to be explained or the skrell was about to be arrested, however, it wasn't for quite some time. After a while I started to ask the RD for answers, which, I wasn't given any, I then asked the captain, who, again, didn't' give any. At this point I was just asking for general details on what was going on other than there were tups, eventually I started specifically asking about why there was a skrell, in a scientist uniform, wearing an ID with my name on it. I wasn't given an answer for about thirty minutes despite asking multiple times about it, eventually as mentioned earlier the director gave a brief briefing on what happened, but still didn't answer my question as to why they had my name on their ID. Eventually, at the shuttle, I saw the same skrell, not arrested, still wearing my ID, I asked them about it, and they said the captain gave it to them. I confronted the captain over the common radio, and they confirmed that they did, indeed, give a skrell an ID with my name, while that skrell was also wearing a uniform similar to mine, and didn't' tell me about any of this. This whole ideal left me in quite a bit of danger. There were tups actively hunting for a skrell, and instead of just using a random skrell name, they gave them an ID with my name, job title, and the skrell was wearing a very similar uniform to mine. At any point the tups could've mistaken me for that skrell and kidnapped or attacked me, as well as putting me at risk of losing my citizenship or getting attacked off station. As a captain, Elim Castel should not be putting a crew member at a massive risk like this when it could be easily avoided. I also have issues with a massive lack of communication both about this incident and what was happening this shift in general, we had no idea what to look out for or who to look out for other than "tups". Also, just to add to explain a bit of my mindset, the tups killed one of the refuges on station during the shift, as well as in the past killing multiple crew on station. I don't believe this was just a minor risk, it was a major one that the captain should have been aware of and avoided. Submitted Evidence: N/A Would you like to be personally interviewed?: [X ] - Yes [ ] - No Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why? Captain is the main offender, plus the shift was ending when I discovered some key details. Additional Notes:
  8. Hi, sorry for the delay with this, IRL got in the way. After some discussion, we've deiced to accept your app. If you have any questions or aren't sure if something is acceptable or not feel free to dm one of us or to ask it in the dionae part of the lore discord.
  9. @Mcfluff You might be unbanned now, if not, let me know. It might take a while if not since i'll need skull or arrow.
  10. For the record, this ban was applied on behalf of @WickedCybs, a trial. So they'll be the one handling this.
  11. Hi, i'll be doing your interview. I'm not able to find your discord at all when looking for Rotharia#6158 . Might need you to dm me unless there's an issue. This was sorted.
  12. One more question to ask. You joined the server very recently. Do you have any concerns over issues that might arise from you not being familiar with something on server while playing a Dionae? IE a mechanic or maybe a rule.
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