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  1. Hello! After some discussion, we've decided to accept your app.
  2. Hello! After some discussion, we've decided to accept your application.
  3. Admins do bwoink nymphs for doing this. I was back when I first started playing lmao. I am perfectly fine with adding some special ghost roles for nymphs and making it so nymphs that are grown don't' die after a few seconds if someone doesn't take it, honestly I wouldn't mind making it forever unless someone destroys the bulb. This was discussed a while back with the team, but, it wasn't high priority at the time. I'd be down for it though if someone is willing to add it.
  4. A deputy slot for Dionae is open. Use the format in this thread: Along with this, I also have some questions I wish to ask. There's no required length for the answers. How do you feel about the changes to Dionae lore over the past year? Is there anything you would like to change or specifically work on? What is your vision of what Dionae should be?
  5. What it says in the title. Ideally this'd be done to avoid people from meme voting then not joining the round. It'd also be good to add some sort of log for modmins saying a person logged out after voting to avoid that as well. I do think this should only be put in place if it's locking people if they vote for the vote that wins, so people aren't forced to ready up if they vote for extended but secret or vice versa.
  6. What it says on the tin, allow players to choose some number of antag roles(i'd say 3) that they can blacklist and won't be drafted for. So, someone can have cult, ninja, and raider wizards chosen and they won't ever get drafted as it, but they can still be drafted for traitor, ling, ect. Adding that this shouldn't make it so the player cant' be converted into the role like with cult and rev if it's blacklisted
  7. What it says on the tin. Currently cult only needs nine people readied to run. This, along with the drafting system always drafting four people for cultist(which really should be lowered to three as well), means on lowpop there are rounds where 4/9 crew are cultists. For the past week I've been seeing this almost every day. While it's possible to still have an enjoyable cultist round like, usually it just means the cult can steamroll converting the entire crew since no one is really able to stop them, converting one or two people means they have over half the crew as cult. Raising the cap
  8. I honestly forgot to archive this, sorry about that Locking and archiving.
  9. Hello! After some discussion we've decided to accept your application.
  10. Hello, I'll be taking this. Generally, warnings are given as an escalation of a note if the action is repeated. You were noted on November 11th for being afk for too long, so a warning was given as the behavior was repeated. Just because someone else was also afk for too long does not mean it's allowed. As I see it, the warning is justified. If you need to go for 20+ minutes, please ahelp or try to alert staff through discord. If something happens and you can't, alert someone whenever you get back so we know something happened. Unless anything further is brought up, I'm going t
  11. Hello! After some discussion, we've decided to accept your application!
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