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Unban Request - Weirdrock

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BYOND Key: Weirdrock
Total Ban Length: Permanent(?), 2024-03-09
Banning staff member's Key: mattalas
Reason of Ban: Ban evasion
Reason for Appeal: I am a Linux user playing SS13 in a VMWare Virtual Machine. Many VMWare vms have the same HWID as people generally stick with the defaults for the emulated hardware. I realise that since the original ban was for ban evasion, this may look suspicious. I can do whatever is needed to prove that I am a different person.

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3 hours ago, nova said:

It didn't work. Is there anything I could do on my end?

Your CID is the same as this guy's so it just gets caught in the same ban net. I'm not sure there's anything I can do short of lifting the original ban lol.

What you can do is use a different VM or machine pretty much.

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