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'The dollop podcast'

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I recently discovered the dollop, and I am listening right now to a story about Andrew Jackson and a town in new york made a full sized bust of him out of -cheese.- (http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/e/7/2/e72d6c9d6feba9ef/Dollop_XV.mp3?c_id=7332705&expiration=1430752897&hwt=d6abac4796c57b5158029a281cd19b4c)

I might as well discuss it here and get your guys opinions, its really worth listening to it and you'll laugh your ass off. Its basically Dave Andrews the comedian telling stories of history to his friend who has never heard of the story. The reactions are real and hilarious, if you want to see more google 'The dollop podcast' on google.

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