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  1. BYOND Key: SovietCyanide Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: Alberk Reason of Ban: "Still harassing people, after being unbanned under the clear conditions to stop this." Reason for Appeal: I was banned around a month ago, permanently for 'harassment' of burger, which in my opinion was a bit too harsh for permanent. I understand I may have overstepped my bounds slightly with Burger, but I was not threatening him in any way, repeatedly messaging him in a threatening or insulting manner, or trying to harm him. I apologize to him for my teasing going too far, but most of my ban was over that said 'harassment', which I apologize for. I have waited the ban out for a month, and I do wish to come back. I have been on the NT Uplink, and have caused no issues on there, besides posting a few memes in places where they shouldn't (that were not offensive, just posted in the wrong areas). And from the harassment claims that were a part of me getting banned, those are people now who I talk with regularly and they say they were wrong, and overreacted, so they do not think they were harassed at all. (Lilium, Hunter (Although Hunter and I have had a bit of a falling out over a disagreement in a Pathfinder campaign I am GMing where I had to kick him out). I am asking for the ban to be lifted, as I do think the reasoning was not really justifiable for a permaban. I will not play mouse anymore, and refrain from using LOOC. I would also like to note, my reason for ban in 2016 was over threatening and violent harassment, not talking to people about ahelping me being a mouse in the kitchen and teasing them in a totally non-angry, and joking way to share a laugh with the chef at the time, as my mouse was searching for food and was hungry.
  2. Hello! The aurora pathfinder game needs YOU! (yes, you!) for our new campaign due to unfortunate dropouts by some people! The game runs on Roll20 and uses the pathfinder RPG system, running on Fridays weekly at 7:00 PM EST to whenever we get bored/have to leave! INTRO Currently We have LiliumArgentium - Half Elf bard Zelmana - Elf Bound wizard HunterRS - Human Gunslinger K0NFL1QT - Tiefling Alchemist Teilyos - Human Monk Gollee - Elf Unbreakable We could use specifically a Melee character and a healer, but I'm leaving it open to anyone. Just post your interest on the forums here or pm me through discord (theplahunter#5106)
  3. I am not denying that I did not go too far in my banter, and it was rude to not be considerate of his feelings. I am only contesting the major punishment in the form of a perma, and the accusation I have gone to my old ways. I am not looking to avoid entire punishment, I would accept a week or even month ban, I just think Perma is too harsh. I did not break the condition of my last appeal, I only joked around with burger and went too far. I apologize to burger for offending him, it was not my intention. I am not deflecting though, I'm just explaining that I disagree with the perma and I think it was too harsh of a punishment.
  4. So, I do have a question considering part of my punishment is because there was a complaint about my discord PMs. Alb there was one time I sent you a complaint about Hackie sending me porn over discord PMs, Although you did not specifically 'no it is not your problem' it was an issue reported to you, that you did not follow up on or deal with in relation to someone sending me unrequested futa furry porn and you seemingly did not care about it. What makes this case with burger different, when it is a PM that is not even outright hostile (yes I did use the word fuck but not in hostile intention) intending to talk to someone about ahelps without talking to me about how annoyed he felt and instead getting me in trouble. Also is Schevs mentioned point (Although I do not approve of Schev butting in and acting as staff, but he does bring about a few fair points) my behavior was extreme toxicity and targetting people via threatening and toxic harassment or metagrudging, which was not the case. I did not threaten Burger, I did not specifically target burger, so it should have no weight on my 'prior instances'. Also in regards to sharing the 'private logs' during the whole BSA incident, I was in the wrong yes but that was also not harassment or extreme toxic behavior. And there are indeed other people who have done the same thing and have had no punishments provided. The private logs were also an in server incident and an admin help shared due to BSAs powergame at the time. This was not private discord PMs that are not in the communities bounds, there are no specific rules in the discord or in the server about PMing people in private over discord. Actually I have been told to take issues with other people -TO- pms in discord, which I did. So is it now the case where I cannot take my issues anywhere? If Burger was feeling truly harassed could he tell me to stop or block me? Yes, did he do either of those things? No. "DEAD: SovietCyanide (mouse (713)) laments, "marwani" DEAD: SovietCyanide (mouse (713)) whines, "how many knives" DEAD: SovietCyanide (mouse (713)) blubbers, "did you throw" DEAD: SovietCyanide (mouse (713)) blubbers, "marwani did you appriciate my mice 'grief'"" I asked marwani how many knives were thrown because Marwani -was throwing knives at me-. And I was asking how many, not taunting or harassing burger about it. I was also replying to Burgers statement in LOOC saying he was being mouse griefed, making a joke of it and light of the situation. Neither are harassment or meant to taunt Burger. I also don't see how teasing people over something I found funny to make light of it is 'consistent behavior' and a showing of how I was in 2016.
  5. Personally I don't think my incident with Amory has anything to do if he could be a good moderator or not. I also think due to my current ban, Amory should not be impeded by any personal issues with me. I will remain neutral on this, but I do think you're being a bit harsh on Amory, BSA.
  6. You are indeed missing the context to the deadchat comments. Marwani had thrown about 12 knives at me, and I was asking as a legitimate question. And Burger had also said in LOOC earlier I was 'mouse griefing him' and it was a play off that, which indeed went too far. My intention was not to go after Burger over it, but to discuss with him civilly over it. I do admit using the term 'fucking' was a -very- poor choice of words and it was definitely seen as hostile, which was bad form. But I was annoyed due to the fact Burger was not willing to discuss it with me and ask me to stop beforehand, there was no communication to discontinue - It was escalated straight to ahelps and I would like to see myself as a more reasonable person who he could talk to and ask to stop instead of trying to get me in trouble. And in regards to the complaint, I did not specifically target either of them. The condition on the forums was stated if I was specifically targetting people to maliciously harm them, and I was not. It was banter, and both Hunter and Lilium can confirm I did not target them and that complaint was requested to be dismissed by Hunter. So it should not be applicable if the person attempting that complaint dismissed it after he thought it over and decided he had overreacted (I am paraphrasing him, so do not take my words as his exact words until he and Lilium post on this complaint themselves.) Also if you are referencing my warning from Doc, I was told by [mention]Zelmana[/mention][mention]ReadThisNamePlz[/mention] and [mention]Sharp[/mention] (although abo was not paying attention much in his words, due to it being so minor) that previous warning over my mouse behavior was too far and would be disregarded so I do not believe it is applicable in this case. I also do not see how it is bothering a chef where there is plenty of food as a mouse is an issue, as I was only eating food there as a mouse should do if they are hungry. And I don't see what happened with BSAs ban being exactly relevant, I did not harass or directly target anyone in that. But it does seem like you are referring to me posting that log, I don't see how that is harassment either.
  7. BYOND Key: Sovietcyanide Staff BYOND Key: Alberyk Game ID: I cannot recall at the moment, I did not think to note it down, apologies. Reason for complaint: Permabanned for harassment, while I do not think Alberyk did this with malicious intent, and I think it was more of a case of miscommunication, I do still think my permaban is unfair. For reports that my 'behavior has not changed' and I have 'continued to harass people' I am 100% sure that the people I have supposedly harassed in Alberyks eyes (during the Burger report -and- the player complaint against me) will be willing to say that they did not see it as harassment and did not believe it was harassment. I am a bit upset that Alberyk has decided to take judgement of what does or does not constitute harassment of players into his own hands. Although I did tease and taunt Burger, and he was annoyed, the main reason of my last ban was harassment via toxicity and repeatedly insulting people in a malicious manner. I did not intend to be malicious or harm anybody, it was only harmless banter and teasing IMO. As for any accusations where I have been joining as mouse and specifically harassing people, I joined as mouse before I knew Marwani was chef. I do as mouse go to find food, and there usually is food in the kitchen. So I ate there, as a mouse looking for food would do. I do admit I do partake in a bit of mouse RP with people, but as a rodent I don't really see a problem of hunting food and wandering around. I assumed that rule was more pointed towards maintenance drones. Evidence/logs/etc: [mention]HunterRS[/mention][mention]LiliumArgentium[/mention][mention]BurgerBB[/mention] Additional remarks: I have no desire to see alb punished for this, this was most likely a misunderstanding and I don't hold it against him. I only desire to be unpermabanned as I feel the punishment was harsh and the full story wasn't there. He mistook my banter with Burger as harassment, and yes Burger did find it annoying and I apologize to him for being rude, but I had no intention of any harassment with anybody (and nobody said they felt harassed) and I do not believe I broke the condition of my last unban. EDIT - Can I also get logs of the ahelp conversation between me and Alberyk, please?
  8. Hunter and I talked over voice and currently I do believe we have resolved most of our outlying issues. I'm just going to avoid Lilium in general, and I will refrain from being too crude or sarcastic in my humor when it could be considered condescending or insulting.
  9. Staying civil here, I was told you were chewed out by teilyos for using him as a scape goat. Also when half a dozen people tell you to stop, aka reading the records, then stop, don't continue. If someone doesn't like how you continue to paint them in a bad light with how you act towards them/call them/talk behind their back, then stop. This is the direct issue we are addressing here, there is a line between fun bickering and blatant insulting, which you have been told by multiple staff members and community members to calm down On top of Lilium being Tired, yes it's annoying, but no it's not just a server thing, she has done it just casually in private calls, she doesn't do it to get attention, I bet everyone is different when they are tired, I sure am. Alright I will admit that I was unfair and rude when I was reading it out, and that was my fault. That's all I have to say about that. -But- Teilyos chewed me out because he was not aware of the context and he had just woken up, yes he's still upset about me using him as a way to get at you, but all I did was prove you wrong. It was not being a scapegoat, you did not provide the context for the conversation and claimed I was bullying you for showing evidence that you had lied and denied what I had said. You have a problem where when people use evidence to prove you wrong, you use it as a way to portray the person as personally attacking you and getting them in trouble. I've noticed you also didn't post any logs of the repeated messages you send me inbetween you blocking me where you were putting one sided conversations without allowing rebuttal? You're painting me to be some relentless bully when you're the one who constantly tries to talk over me and drown me out with your own rimworld game (which you started after mine and said, I quote 'Yes i'm trying to outdo you' and when I told you to stop you said 'lol just mute me I don't care.') I'm mostly upset that you're just disrespecting me by talking over me and saying that your gameplay is more important than mine, which is annoying and offensive. And i've told you this and you said 'I don't care'.
  10. Right, so a few things. Last night you claimed I was 'bullying you' and I 'made you cry' when all I sent to you was this statement after you denied claiming you were trying to drown me out and outdo me with your rim world run by constantly narrating it and trying to draw attention from mine. Which you denied and I got confirmation from a witness ( @teilyos ) that you did. This was all I sent you last night. I was also not aware that reading out someones own written backstory in a voice that can be considered condescending is 'bullying', if you're that overly sensitive over your characters backstory and extremely sensitive I apologize but just because somebody criticizes it and makes fun of it doesn't make me a bully. Are we also going to ignore the fact that Lilium came in to the discord last night and acted like 'Drunk Lilium' calling people cucks for no absolute reason ( @zelmana can confirm this, as well as you Hunter as you were present) and generally being an annoyance to cause headaches and gather attention to herself, she is not the victim she likes to portray herself by saying this is 'all unprovoked' and 'she has done absoloutely nothing wrong' with her constant outbursts against people like Nursie and general toxicity late at night when she thinks she'll get away with it because she's 'tired'. To Amory and Xanders complaints I already apologized to you Amory for last night, shown here And you continued to push the point so you could just be right and said we were not 'settling it' where instead you kept pushing for more and more, trying to make me lose my cool or admit I was wrong about more things. After -you- PMed me out of the blue saying 'i've reported your behavior to the admins and I want you to stop or i'll keep just reporting you' which I took as a threat. And to Xander, when you constantly thrash the community staff such as saying they're extremely disorganized, ( @alberyk was there for that) and you repeatedly post pictures of your own face and use it as your discord -profile picture- I have a hard time believing you don't want it 'out there'. You just don't want to be put into a meme, which everybody has been put into at some point in their life. Just because you put your face into an extremely public setting and then say 'oh guys pls don't meme me' doesn't mean it'll happen. You constantly provoke people by posting said pictures of your face and then scream 'lol they can't make memes of me because i'll just report them for being bullies' and hide behind the curtain of the rules while you continue to play victim and put yourself out there to bait people. Also, for 'shittalking you where you can't respond' the 2nd one was on the public aurora discord (which you're banned from for your own toxic behavior) and it was contributing to an active discussion, so why not report the rest of the people talking about it? Also I never posted the meme of your face and 'when will you learn' on the ISD, it was posted once on the aurora main discord and after I was informed to stop when prior I didn't know about it, I did.
  11. I would like to nominate myself, why? For curiosities sake.
  12. And sytic can confirm he killed me (which was warranted) and aimless can confirm I assaulted talc because he got emped.
  13. Is your arguements that I ahelped you and you got caught breaking rules, but supposedly I have a vendetta against you when this is the first time I've ever reported you or had friction with you so that makes the report of you rule breaking invalid? You're trying to make this an anti bsa conspiracy like I was following you, rubbing my hands together and twirling my comical moustache muttering "Oh he will powergame soon and then I'll report him to my associate alberyk and get him banned! Muahahahaha!" I was not following you to get you in trouble, I did not ghost just to stalk you. Eab brought it up in deadchat and I came over and found it to be sus so I reported it.
  14. Right, just to clear some things up here. A. Yes I did post that log between me and alb and that was a mistake. B. I was not the only person to ahelp you printing the nanopaste, infact Eab (teilyos) was the one who said it was against the rules in the first place and I ahelped as well as he did. C. I did not ghost to just follow you to get you in trouble, I was killed in the permabrig after assaulting talc when he was emped and killed by ODIN for continued assault. I did not just ghost to follow you, I was killed and my body was not recovered. Edit - bsa was also not the only one told about my ahelps against him by aimless. Dasfox was told also and personally pmed me and yelled at me over it, stating an anonymous staff member informed him/her. As well as aimlesses prior reactions to me, saying I was "that asshole" in ooc and icly falsely accusing me of holding contraband in my bag at the end of a round for no reason and confiscating my bag.
  15. This sounds fun, I could see this providing more interaction and experiences. There are most likely plenty of races that aren't fully 'accepted' by the rest. +1!
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