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Character Feedback: Z.I. 309

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Hey! I've made my way back to the ship and with a new character!

If you have played with my previous IPC characters than you may find Z.I. 309's personality familiar. I haven't played security in a long time, so I apologize if I'm a little dusty. 

If you have played or interacted with Z.I. 309, please let me know what you have thought about him, feedback is appreciated, and I could always use it to improve myself! 

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Hey, only seen your character while observing and don't have anything to say negative at least. It's what I would expect from an IPC warden if that makes sense? I'll give more feedback if I get some interactions IC!


tl;dr so far so good

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'Ello! Two days or so ago, I had the joy of working together with you as Osisra. I like 309, it feels like they have just a bit more personality than Z.I. units normally have. I found it pleasant to work together with them, seeing as you play them diligently (paperwork is always a plus in my book). Very much looking forward to seeing more of them!

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