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“Our will is tempered by the fire, our fear turned to ash.” - The Kataphract Expansion

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Lore Impact: Medium

Species: Unathi, Vaurca

Short Description: An expansion on the history, organizational structure and methods of the Kataphract Order. Aims to add one new 'role' for the Kataphract ship. Also collects most of the necessary information surrounding the Saa'Izweski in one place.

How will this be reflected on-station?:

The Kataphracts are an off-ship role, and this would mainly be seen there. With us going into the Unathi arc in June, we might see a little of this scattered here and there. In-game changes would be the titles given to the Kataphracts (Knight-Captain gets Ar'Saa), and the addition of a bed (next to the TRASH or in the brig) where an Ezo'Saa can spawn (whitelisted! Learners can be unwhitelisted but scum that is discriminated against requires much more knowledge on why.)

On-station characters can use this to more accurately describe their original position in the Kataphract Order, gush over specific Chapters (or hate others, I don't judge). Perhaps even down the line, reformed Ezo'Saa may find their way on the Horizon, now considered regular peasants*.

Yes, I was inspired to write this after playing the newly remapped Kataphract ship. I love these silly little LARP lizards.

*these Sinta are still expected to face discrimination from both their rejected culture and from nobility in the Hegemony. There's no winning for them.

Does this addition do anything not achieved by what already exists?: The Kataphracts already exist, this just serves to give them a lot more depth.

Do you understand that the project may change over time in ways you may not foresee once it is handed over to the Lore Team? As the Hegemon decrees. Unironically, though, it is possible I missed some small details in old lore articles, so no qualms if they get added.

Long Description: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16gkLj8jRqU_DDPs73yY6l1afsR-SOMNjedNJpLCTzaI/edit?usp=sharing

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