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[Closed] Incident Report - IAA, Heads, and Security

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Reporting Personnel: Jishna The Seeker

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Guardian

Personnel Involved: Terrence Frank, Jane-Luc Pick, security personnel

Time of Incident: ((5:00 PM PST 5-5-2015))

Location of Incident:

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [x]Neglect of Duty [x]Harassment [x]Assault [x]Misconduct [x]Other Being Naive

Overview of the Incident: Greetings. This is Jishna The Seeker. She speaks through her familiar, C.A.C, allowing for translation. Allow her to start from the beginning...

She is from the past, during a time when Tajaran Society had not yet been received by the task-makers, before the history and archives were forever lost. She is a guardian of the Temple of S'raandar. She pursued a thief into a portal, who had stolen the valuable artifact, the Snow Crystal. And thus, she appeared here, on their station called the NSS Aurora.

Her presence was....not received well. The humans have shown distrust, hostility, and a severe lack of understanding. Too few assisted her in this foreign place. What she has observed from the leadership was disorder. Upon her arrival she defended herself from a possibly hostile crowd - apparantly she harmed an innocent, and she is apologetic for her actions and misunderstanding. However, this lead the individual Terrence Frank to harass and hound the leadership for Jishna's arrest, with little consideration of the outcomes.

She can respect the protocol and rules, but was it truly a necessity when she, a visitor of the past seeking assistance, willing to help, and search out the true hostile of the station, be confined to a cell when she has shown NO threat to the crew aside from their imaginations and speculations, and is the only individual who can stand a chance against the one who brought her here, the true threat and intruder? Instead, she was captured, restrained, undignified. They surrounded her and stunned her, displaying a show of their naive lust for power. They disrobed her and took her belongings, sacred items that should not be handled, strait jacket and muzzled her, then left her in a dark room to be questioned, while the true enemy walked the halls freely. Are humans so blind and naive they lack understanding? So threatened and insecure they will jump at the first sign of something stronger than them?

Terrence Frank, whom she believed was an advisor at best for such situations, has provoked unnecessary hostilities. He has permanently lost this company of NanoTrasen a potential ally, and denied an entire race the chance to regain a lost heritage. Such measures should be reprimanded. It is only by the understanding and kindness of the Tajara did she regain her dignity, and her power and belongings, and left the station to hunt down her quarry. The next time she is to board a station, she will have to defend herself accordingly, and give a proper reason for her distrust.

They have made a dangerous enemy, and lost a possible ally. She has done nothing wrong short of defending herself...and they will reap the cost.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: Certainly not

Additional notes: ((Simply put, I was the wizard. I entered with the story that I'm a tajara wizard searching for a ninja, and admins provided a spawn in to assist with arpee. Instead of getting to have fun to showdown with the ninja, or speak with tajara about how far they had come, two people, Terrence Frank and Jane-Luc Pick were constantly hounding me to serve time after I defended myself from hostile crew who did not keep their distance after repeated warnings. After awhile I agreed to serve time in exchange for help to hunt down the other hostile, but I refused to hand over my wizard gear. Since people were taking forever I left and went after the ninja myself. Security responded eventually by powergaming with stunbaton, using the straight jacket and muzzle, then leaving me in interrogation for the rest of the shift. Heck, I've only used my offensive spell on one count as a warning to back away from her, and all my other spells were defensive. Frank came in and even removed my earpiece, so that at times I was completely out of the round. Frank was even willing to leave me strait-jacket in the interrogation room after the shuttle was called, if Ryu'Daken didn't come over to let me go. That...is terribly powergaming overkill on a friendly wizard. Frank should never barge into security matters, EVER. and Jane-Luc Pick who I assume was a new player, should not be questioning a CMO's decision to promote an HOS to take a stand on the situation - Ryu, who was tajara and could provide fair judgement. You guys know me as being pretty easy-going to screw-ups and just shrugging it off, but after trying to make the round fun for everyone, then not getting my plans out of it and being powergamed against because I resisted powergaming in return...it killed the round for me. At any moment I could have, (and should have once they started chasing me with tasers) defend myself with projectiles. Clearly I gave too much of the benefit of the doubt. ))

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