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CourierBravo - Mapper Application

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Ckey/BYOND Username: CourierBravo
Discord Name: courierbravo
Position Being Applied For: Mapper
Past Experiences/Knowledge: Partially self taught basic level design skills with strongdmm, along the ability to modify code and use github at a basic level, thanks to the help and guidance of about a dozen people in our community.
Examples of Past Work:
Konyang Ruins - #18128 - (partial, work handed over then touched up by shaky-jake)
Biesel Ruins - #18983
Offship Lathes Materials - #18935 - Including this one, because its a good example of my ability and willingness to spend long periods of time just going through everything to make sure new features are added correctly. However, you can look at any of my other bug fix PR's to see that I'm committed to helping with bug fixes whenever I can.
Courier's Helpers mk1 - #18868 - Saw use in the Konyang Finale event
Unathi Mining Guild Away Ship Revamp and Bug Fixes - #19304 - (still requires review)

Additional Comments:

While they're not done yet, I've done significant work on other projects that other users can attest to. For example, La Villa Strangiato asked me to contribute to one of her projects. Desven asked me to make a Caprise away site comparable to VD. Which is about half way done, requiring only smaller detail oriented work to finish at this point.

I want to see this setting flourish, and I want to grow my skills. I strongly believe having a developer role will help me achieve that goal, while producing a good volume of quality material for the community to interact with.

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