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Poster competition.


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Not sure if this should go in hobbies and interests BUT:

I am hosting an Aurora poster competition!

Bring your art, bring your sass, I'm hoping every one gives this their all. I know a lot of you can draw, a lot of you want to draw, a lot of you think you can draw and some of you don't but I urge you, even if it's just in Microsoft paint, GIVE ME YOUR ALL!

The idea behind it is to advertise job vacancies aboard the NSS Aurora. The winner will be getting a special prize that I will announce a bit later.

More details to come including when entries are due!

Glory to Aurora.

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Also, would you people be interested in an "Aurora Newsletter." ?

IC, or OOC?

Because if it were IC, very much so. It would be even cooler if we could get artists to draw the occasional pic for it.


That's kind of what I was hoping for. It wouldn't be a newspaper, it would be a newsletter, to let the staff know what's going on in the coming weeks, whose birthday is when, who just had a baby, when the sports carnival is...You guys dig?


Seems like a neat idea!

I have the artistic capability of a foetus though, so.


Have you not seen that gif of the dancing Ana? That person should never have been let out of art school and released on the public. None the less, I love it because it's so...so....what's the word? Ah, fuckinhillariousohmygod.

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