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SCCV Horizon Mission Briefing - Humanitarian Program

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SCCV Horizon Operational Briefing - Kazseres

Good afternoon, SCCV Horizon. Following the inspection of your vessel by humanitarian program agents, a destination for your first mission in the Hegemony has been selected.

The town of Kazseres, located in the southern Tza Prairie region, has been harshly impacted by post-Contact War conditions, including radiation exposure, infrastructural degradation, and food shortages. The SCCV Horizon's crew will be deployed alongside Nralakk Federation humanitarian personnel to provide aid to the people of Kazseres. Attached is a map of the Tza Prairie, with the location of Kazseres labeled for your convenience.


Kazseres is located on a major river in the region, and the Kazseres Hydroelectric Dam was a major power source for several smaller villages in the surrounding area. Since the opening of several fusion plants in the greater Tza region by the Junzi Electric guild (now a Hephaestus Industries subsidiary corporation), the dam has reportedly fallen into disrepair, leading to a steady decline in water levels in the artificial Lake Kazeres which the town has historically relied on as a food source. Kazseres is also located close to a large mining complex which was acquired by the Miners' Guild towards the end of the Contact War. The mine has become the town's primary industry due to the failure of the dam, but transportation of resources upriver has become increasingly difficult due to harsh conditions in the region and risk of attack from Wasteland bandit groups. 

Nralakk Federation personnel have already been providing assistance to communities in the area, and will be able to provide a more up-to-date report on the situation upon your arrival. Due to the potential for rapidly changing conditions on the ground, crew should prioritize making contact with the Nralakk team and local authorities in order to best ascertain how to provide aid to the town as the mission develops. Enclosed are general notes of departmental responsibilities, intended to be fluid and allow for adjustment to planetside circumstances by Horizon command.


  • Command personnel will be responsible for management and deployment of humanitarian aid in the Kazseres region, as well as liaising with the Nralakk Federation team and local authorities. Ensure that the staff under your command uphold SCC employee behavioral standards, and remember that your actions reflect on the reputation of the Conglomerate. 
  • Security personnel will be responsible for safeguarding the operation and crew against potential danger or disruption of mission objectives. Keep in mind that you are subject to local and Hegemony law, in addition to ordinary employee standards of behavior as described in SCC corporate regulations. Should crewmembers prove disruptive to mission operations, their behavior should be handled as any on-ship breach of regulations. Cooperate with local law enforcement in any matters of criminal activity which should occur during the mission.
  • Medical personnel will be tasked with ordinary duties of maintaining crew wellbeing, in addition to providing medical aid to Kazseres locals who may require it. Medical facilities in the town will be made available for your use.
  • Engineering personnel will be tasked with examining local infrastructure and making necessary repairs if feasible. Liaise with locals to determine where critical repairs may be required.
  • Research personnel will be tasked with survey and analysis of the local environment in order to determine the level of ecological damage caused to the region. 
  • Operations personnel will carry out standard duties of ensuring that the crew is fully supplied in order to carry out their mission. Machinist personnel should cooperate with Medical and Engineering staff to ensure Horizon synthetics are able to operate in the field.
  • Service personnel will be tasked with deployment of food aid to the local population if required, in addition to managing crew food and beverage supplies during the mission to Kazseres. Cooperation with Operations staff may be required, as well as the use of any suitable facilities in Kazseres.


This briefing will be updated with future relevant information. Thank you for your involvement, and remember - you're what keeps this chainlink unbreakable!

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