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(Wiki Guide Competition) Head of Security

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Job Description

Welcome to hell. You are now in charge of the muscle of the station. Wether that be a good thing or a bad thing is completely up to you. Before you begin this position you should have extensive knowledge of the Corporate Regulations, or at least have them open in another tab ((Listed here http://wiki.baystation12.net/index.php/Corporate_Regulations)). Keep in mind that you have a loyalty implant while playing.

Your duties aren't much, but they are fairly difficult. They are as follows,

Keeping your officers in check : You do not want a bunch of robust security officers running around stun batoning everyone who commits a crime, excluding a violent crime happening infront of them. Inform them of the SOP surrounding detaining suspects, as well as Standard Security Pactices.

Keeping your warden in check : Make sure your warden is giving our fair times for those you break the Corporate Regulations, as well as taking into account the Modifiers and Special Situations. Make sure they are not beating the prisoners with the Corporate Regulations hand book in attempts to beat knowledge into them.

Keep your Misc in check : You also have at your disposal, a detective, a crime scene investigator, as well as a handful of security cadets. You want to make sure your detective and CSI are able to do their jobs. Make sure your officers do what they need to do so that your detective and CSI can catch the super villian at large aboard your station.

Keeping the crew in check : This does not mean public executions in hopes to strike fear into the hearts of the crew. As head of security you are able to write a series of injuctions that vary anywhere from a ban from public communications, from keeping a certain distance away from another crew member.

Keeping the command staff in check : They may be the heads of their departments but that does not mean they are above they law, yourself and the Captain included. In cases of emergency, request the department heads to grant entry to their departments as well as keep unneeded personnel away from said emergency. You may only arrest the Captain, or other heads of staff, if there is hard evidence they commited the crime.


There is a meeting room in the brig that is perfect for telling your little Hitlers officers what is expected of them, what your standards are. Ensure that each of them are well versed in the Regulations, SOP, as well as Standard Security Practices, before releasing them to the crew. Make sure that your officers keep you updated, they're your eyes and ears out there. Ensure the synthetics of security follow the Corporate Regulations as well. Their laws do not contain any mention of NT laws, they may potentially assist crew members in crimes as result. In addition to this, make sure Beepsky is trucking his way around the station. It may be wise to request ED-209's from robotics.


You got yourself a nice lookin brig there, and the entirerty of it is at your disposal. You've got your lobby. Fairly standard, nothing too pretty. It has a desk which has a Security Record Computer, as well as a Security Camera console. You have a holding cell for those unruley drunkards and those who you want to hold until you receive a reply from Central Command. You have four top of the line cells, fitted with a tempur-pedic, memory foam bed, a metal locker and a lightbulb! Each cell comes equiped with a built in wall flash, so if your prisoners Inmates become unruley, there is an easy fix. You also have the wardens office which has a printer, Security Records Console, Security Camera Console, the Prisoner Management Console, as well as a seperate set of cameras for the brig. There are also two buttons in there, capable of locking down the Brig as well a the Prison Wing.

From there, you have the locker room, a general room where your officers gear up and get ready for their day ahead. There are lockers full of stun weapons, body armour, helmts and things of the like. The armoury is just next to there, where all high priority weapons and classified items found throughout the shift are held.Warden/Head of Security/Captain access is required to open the lockers full of weapons within. Next to there, you have your breifing room, and shooting range. There are automati dummies capable of being set up there, as well as a test rifle and cell charger. Next to that is the Crime lab and the Evidence Storage. Here is where the CSI does his ditry work. He has a surgery table, a Medical Records Console, Security Camera console, as well as a Security Records Console. There is also a high powered electron microscope, a ChemMaster 3000 and a DNA Analyzer in there. The Evidence storage just consists of three lockers and a lightbulb. Simple and effecient.

You've got to have your infirmary. Incase your talk to your officers didn't go to well and they end up heaviliy harming a suspect while apprehending them, you can for medical assistance and have the injured brought there for medical assistance. Next is the Interrogation room. This is room is where you can interrogate prisoners, bluff your way to a confession, threaten their families, the likes. However, more often than not, the detective will be interrogating the people taken in. Next is processing room, where your warden will take detained suspects, and get their side of the story before charging them and sticking them in a cell. Next you have the Insanity Ward, outfited with straight jackets, muzzles and sleep toxin, for this unruley prisoners that just won't quit, the Execution Chamber, has a locker, and a chamber, in which you can release all the N2O you can to kill that special someone. Unless it is neccessary, do not execute someone without Central Commands Authority. You then have Solitary Confinement and the Prison. If your warden decides that the persons crimes are worth it, they can send them to the prison, almost knocking them out of the game for the rest of the round, try to be stingy with perma-sentences if you can. In the Prison, the prisoners are capable of keeping themselves entertained as well as have their own food farm. Have your warden check the camera's every so often.

The Office

The last room of the brig, your office. You've got a cell charger, a Security Records Console, a Security Camera Console, a super rad Filing cabinet as well as a laptop with access to the crews Employment Records. You also have a printer and miscellaneous items lying around. From your office you're able to lock down the brig, the prison, as well as your office.

In your locker is an array of gear. Super bad ass armoured trench coats, Dermal Armoury patches, tele-batons, shoulder holsters, as well as an energy pistol. You may ask, "Why would I need all this on a peaceful research station?" Well people are going to try and kill you, but it's okay cause you make mad dosh right? Also included in yoru locker is the standard officer gear, the Head of Security Headset, as well as R.O.B.U.S.T. and D.E.T.E.C.T. PDA cartridges.


Specfically there is

R.O.B.U.S.T. DELUXE - PDA cartridge

Dermal Armour Patch - To protect your noggin

Head of Security Jacket - The jacket you wear if you can't find the trenchcoat

Body Armour - Armour for your ever so tender body

Head of Security Jumpsuit - A bad-ass spare jumpsuit

Security HUD Glasses - Standard security HUD glasses

Security Satchel - When you get tired of your main bag, this is your side bag

Head of Security Hat - Just a plain'ol hat

Telescopic Baton - The weapon of champions. Click on it to extended. Beware,this does striclty brute damage, it is not like the stun baton

Security Belt - Capable of holding just about all your security gear around your waist

Head of Security Headset - Access to the General, Command, and Security channels

Flash - A point and click stun. Does not work if your target is wearing shaded glasses

Stun-baton - Another point and click stun. Make sure you click it to turn it on before you target someone. Does have a limited amount of uses before it needs recharging/new batteries

Shoulder Holster - A place for you to store your weapons. With it in hand, click your jumpsuit. Rightclick to detach. With Hotkeys on, tap H to quickly holster/unholster your weapon

Energy Pistol - A pistol with the ability to switch between lethal and non lethal. It has six shots before it needs to be recharged

Armoured Trenchcoat - The key to looking bad ass in your position.It functions like regular body armour, but protects your limbs as well

Police Tape - Protective tape signaling where non-security personnel can not be. Can be lifted with an open hand and help intent. Can be broken with harm intent.might as well be a pinata how much people break it

Riot Shield - Shield capable of reflecting brute damage. Also able to place it on your back to protect your rear

Box of Loyalty Implants - Comes equipped with an implanter, already loaded with an implant, as well as three spare implants. The end game for cultists/revolutionaries

Box of flashbangs - A box with 6 flash bangs inside. Pull pin, throw, run.


Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs is not part of the security department. If they start to bark orders at your officers in the security channel, you shut that down. They are going to make sure everything you and your team is done by the books, so you need to make sure you kick your team into shape.


You can't dummy, you have a loyalty implant.

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