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My stuph


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Well, I draw. Sometimes. When I am not lazy. Though most of my drawings are WoW-themed, I sometimes do something different. Rarely though

Anyways, this is Uther the Lightbringer, one of the most awesome paladins in Warcraft lore




This is an undead character, nuff said.




Some random burning city




This is Hartam, as he is seen in WoW




The old fart again, I somehow forgot to draw his mouth here.




A true dorf




Something Game of Thrones themed




A random samurai, that does not look very Japanese



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This is gut.

Very gut.

Make the samurai's face Keanu Reeves.



But he already slightly looks like Keanu, though the intention was to make him look like my father (who had slight similarities with Keanu back in his twenties). So basicly I drew this for his birthday, because he likes feudal Japan

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