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Guide to pain Roleplay [WIP]

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This guide is not concrete, even if you follow everything to the letter there's still a chance you can get in trouble. In addition, this will cover combat roleplay in general. In addition, if your combat situation is the agreement with two people, who are focusing on emotes and roleplay you may demonstrate as much roleplay as you wish. Regarding research, just years upon years of reading books and talking with people, reading articles and all that. I'm not reliable, you would get a far more scientific, and factually correct guide if you looked at google. Lastly, this a work in progress, please give your criticisms and the like. It's a first draft and could use some polishing.

Losing Limbs




In the heat of combat, with adrenaline pumping in your system you might not even realize you have bullet in you, even a missing arm. Generally, this varies between person to person, some people will pick up their newly amputated arm and go knock some poor sod's head off with it. But, generally what really causes people to fall down on the ground and scream is when they finally figure out during the heat of the moment, they can't feel their arm. This is shocking for some people that you realize you don't have your arm, it's a very emotionally rooted. The most pain you feel is a warm sensation. Generally, when you lose an arm the most immediate problem is blood loss. That can kill you within minutes if there is no one to treat it immediately.

Taking bullets and the like




There's a huge difference between being punched in the face by a giant lizard man when you're chilling out in comparison to being having your face smashed in with a stool while you're wasted and high on adrenaline. Let's go with scenario one, you're walking in the hall and some angry ass Unathi is thirsty for battle, he punches you in the face full. That hurts, badly because, nothing has kicked in yet. You would fall to the ground, scream in pain or something else. Generally, your average doctor or nurse won't take it but, some tough guy ex-military Rambo dude would have his stuff starting to kick in and get lost in the heat of the moment. Pain is numb, your perception of time is contorted and you keep moving. Being drunk is very dangerous even on its own, you can be stabbed, bleeding and not notice at all. Generally, this entails you can temporarily forgo the concept of pain RP during a fight, or in a furious bout of rage. That is meant for afterwards, where it will make far more sense once everything has cooled down. Considering bullets, most of the time it can actually be ignored if you're in combat. Most of the time, it's the bullets hitting the bone that causes combatants to go down straight. Bullets on their own, are very dangerous. Let's take the bullets used by the US in Afghanistan. Generally, their normal bullets couldn't take down the opposition, as they were often using narcotics. As a result, this means they were able to keep going even after getting shot. The bullets were then replaced by another variant that either expanded or, shrapnel once it hit the body. This basically took down enemies straight. Now, how does this apply? It demonstrates a difference. Considering the effect of bullets in game, we're going to assume it doesn't expand or shrapnel once inside the body. As soon as you feel the bullet you're going to be effected. But, ignore it. You are in the heat of the moment and you shouldn't start typing me's despite what some people would tell you. Just because they have a ballistic weapon doesn't mean you should just give up.

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