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5/17/57: Ruh Ajam

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Reporting Personnel:

Vincent Arcirial (V. Arcirial)

Rank of Reporting Personnel:

Cargo Technician

Personnel Involved:

Ruh Ajam - Cargo Technician

Time of Incident:

Location of Incident:

The ENTIRE Cargo Bay

Nature of Incident: [√]Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property []Neglect of Duty []Harassment []Assault [√]Misconduct [√]Other: BIOHAZARD

Overview of the Incident: I arrived to work to find Ruh inebriated to the point of vomiting, and aggressively defending something in the Cargo Bay. I arrived to find HEAPS of trash strewn across the entirety of the Cargo Bay, and in fact a LIVE ANIMAL living in the refuse. The worst was the mailing room, which had bales of broken glass and small piles of squishy brown stinky things that I stepped in twice. He had broken most of the doors, entered the Quartermaster's office, and the trash was even there.

Used needles, feces, broken glass, vomit...

When asked about the mess, he continued to threaten me if I cleaned it up.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?:

Additional notes: Human culture places strong emphasis on this sort of environment being disgusting, particularly where squishy brown piles are involved.

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UNIT DESIGNATION: [REDACTED], preferred designation IAM


There are many things about this shift that I simply cannot recall in detail, due to information overload. I am still going over my memory banks to process it all. Nevertheless, as I was the one who called initial attention to this "mess", I remember it with great clarity. Ruh Ajam managed to light himself (herself?) on fire in the delivery office shortly prior to Mr. Arcirial's arrival. I believe it is possible that Ajam was in fact sorting through the mess and intended to salvage useful items while discarding actual trash, but was unable to do so as a result of their fire-based accident.

Nevertheless, it was a deeply disgusting spectacle, and as the station was my body at that point in time, I feel obliged to express my revulsion.

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To: Duty Office - N.S.S. Odin

From: Quartermaster Bobby Bass

CC: N.S.S. Aurora Command Staff

Subject: Cargo Technician Ruh Ajam

To the Investigating Duty Officer, I'd just like to point out a couple of things to speed this along a bit, as I take my work in Cargo seriously and would like this resolved should I find this Tech under my supervision in the future. First, there is no excuse for the debris, trash, whatever, all over the bay. Sorting through trash is a poor excuse as that should only be done in the appropriately named 'Sorting Office'. Second, breaking into the Quartermaster's office is trespassing, plain and simple. Third, having a live animal in the cargo bay itself is a serious workplace hazard and is, at best, neglect of duty. These are all painfully obvious facts. Having said that, I have never worked with this particular Cargo Technician before, so I'm afraid I cannot shed any background on this shituation.


Bobby Bass, Quartermaster

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