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Nanotoxin's Tree-peep app (Dionaea)

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BYOND Key:Nanotoxin

Character Names:Ryu'daken Mo'taki, SAM, Nick Straughan, Chaos Baylock

How long have you been playing on Aurora:I've been on aurora since last september

Species you are applying to play:Dionaea

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt):

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:Sure have

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:I'd like to play this race because I feel like I have already done all I can with the previous races I have, and would like to be challenged agin. I've played the upsetti spaghetti Tajara, the asperges IPC, and a bunch of different humans. I'd like to play a curious tree man.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:They're always on a quest for knowledge, no one answer will satisfy them. "This is the answer, well why is it the answer?". A never ending quest for knowledge. They also have the fear that the lights could go out at anytime, no other species can die at such a simple cause.


Character Name:(I honestly can't think of one that isn't edge to the max, if someone could help me based off the story, it'd be appreciated)

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

They were only able to see through the cracks of his wooden container. It was dark and they had felt weak, unable to move, barely able to think. Why were they contained in here? The neon sign on the wall spelled out XTech Robotics INC. What does that mean? They heard an uproar of humans, shouting, screaming. There were car alarms, glass smashing, sirens. It was too much for them. Why was it so loud? They were just a nymph. "We're hard working people! You can't just fire us all!" What was going to happen to the people? Suddenly, their crate jolted, being dropped on the ground. The sound of a door closing echoed, all was silent. Their crate started to crack from the top, a crow bar ripping it open. The rush of light had washed over them. They soaked it all in, enjoy what they had once been deprived on. Why does this feel so good? Human hands had worked their way under him, picking him out of the container, jerking him back to reality. They had looked up but were unable to identify their captor. Why were they covering their face? What were they hiding? They had walked a considerable distance, through numerous halls, walking through many door ways. Where were they going? They had stopped infront of a green striped door. Why did they stop at this door? What was behind this door? A loud buzzing followed by the opening of the striped door brought them back from their thought. "Which one?" they heard, "Uhh, number 270 just opened up, that one's good to go." What was good to go? What was in 270? They heard the hiss of a glass door opening. Looking to the sound, they saw a small room with a red light above, and a monitor in the wall. Next to the room were more smaller rooms, each with nymphs that looked just like him. Who are they? He was violently tossed into the room and the glass door hissed once more. The red light felt odd. What is this foor? Why are they here? Suddenly the monitor blinked on. A feminine voice emitted from the speaker as a picture of a factory panned across the screen. "Here at EXTech robotics incorporated, we discourage free thought!" The voice sounded soothing to them. Why did they discourage fr--. The light had gone out and they had begun to feel weak. They tried to move to the glass to get some light, but they were too weak. The monitor then repeated, in the soothing tone, "Here at XTech robotics incorporated, we discourage free thought!"

They had been working on the assmbley line since the moment they had fully grown, creating IPC chassis', Ai frames, mmi's, as well as cyborg chassis. They were working for almost no credits, and almost working themselves to death. The machine infront of them would buzz. They would hit a button. A piece of metal would fall from a tube. They would flip their mask down, and use a plasma cutter to cut the frame they needed for the day. A masked human would come by and ask how they were doing. "Here at XTech robotics incorporated we discourage free thought..." was all they were able to croak out. The human replied with a quick, "Excellent!", a breif jot on his clip board and moved on. There were others around him. A full factory of Dionaea. They weren't allowed to see or converse with the others, incase it sparked any individual thought. They worked 15 hours a day, stopping only to rest.

A boom. They heard a boom. It was a jammed machine. They hit the jammed button on their console. There was another boom. They hit the jammed button once more. Nobody was coming. A third boom. This one was louder, and was followed by a lot of shouting. They continued to press the jam button as they were instructed to do when any weird noises were heard coming from the machine. Bangs. Lots of loud quick bangs, mixed with the shouting. They pressed the button faster and more vigorously. A masked human appeared in front of him. This wasn't the normal masked human they were used to. This one was in all black. It's helmet was hard and has a glass mask. "You're okay now! Come with me!" they had shouted from behind their mask. They weren't prepared for a situation like this. "Here at XTech robotics incorporated we discourage free thought..." was all They could do. The masked human grabbed their appendage, dragging them towards the exit. There lied dead humans on the ground. A big hole in the wall. More humans masked in black rushed in. Other Dionaea were being rushed out into a big van. The officers sat Them down in the van with other Dionaea. A human, not masked, sat in the front. The doors had shut behind Them as They sat down. The man at the front of the vehicle had turned around, using the passenger seat for suppot. "You are all safe now. You are all going to be alright."

"Do we really want to work with robotics again? Yes, of course, that's what we know. Well we could always learn new things in a different department? What? No? They wont hire new people. They want expirenced workers. Ah yes, of course of course." They had said, leaning over a recruitment stand. The human and Tajara behind the desks, wearing yellow and black jumpsuits, topped with a beret, had given each other confused looks as They spoke. "Okay, They're done. No wait, They need to fill out the back side. There is no back side. Did They check? Yes. They made sure. Well it can't hurt for Them to double check. Well They don't want to waste the recuiters time. That's true."

The black tajara gave the paper a quick gander, giving the occasional "mhm." "Everrrrything is in orrrderrr he thinks. If they walk overrr therrre, they'll be set to begin worrrrking." he said, motioning towards a large white shuttle.

What do you like about this character?That they have had such a deprivation of knowledge, that it's all that it wants. It hardly knows anything. It will always be growing and learning. Also, There are three different entities that speak through them. An optimistic side, a pessimistic side, and more of a leader-ish side, if that makes sense.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?I'd say about 7/8. I know I'm not the worst, but I know I can definitley use improvement.


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Seems pretty neat. Personally I think you've played other races pretty well in the past, I don't see why you'd do any different for this one. If I had to criticize, I'd say your back-story seems a little edgy in general. But otherwise the different "Aspects" seems like a pretty nifty idea.


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I didn't even know that Ryu'daken and Nick Straughan were the same dude! But I play with Ryu'daken a lot, and he's tons of fun. I haven't seen Straughan for a while, but just the fact that I didn't realize they were played by the same guys speaks pretty well to the kind of range Nanotoxin has.

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