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Speaking Xeno languages over Public Coms.


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Now, I've had a lot of run in with this topic ICly, but have never gotten a reason as to why it is or isn't allowed.

Some people say it's mis-use of public communications, but the definition of that charge is "To continually broadcast unimportant, untrue, or insignificant messages on the public radio frequency." and the notes state "This is really only for people who are constantly spamming the radio, such as 'DJs' or Chaplains reading their services over the comms. Screaming fake messages like "halp security is beating me" when they aren't also counts."

It doesn't say anything as to why Xeno's can't speak their languages over the radio, and as long as it's work related, I don't see why there's that big of a fuss about it. Obviously syntehtics are able to translate, so if it was counter productive, then they'd be able to notify the proper people and get that fixed up.

But as it stands, I see no reason ICly for them not to do so.

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Guest Menown

When you have any public radio channel within a workplace, you always speak one language. It's to prevent clutter and confusion over what was said. It's also to prevent paranoia and breeding hostility due to that.

The only people that have an issue with this that I've seen, are the ones that like being able to talk in secret to people. Which means that often, these people don't say nice things about other people that can't understand them.

As a Tajara player, keep it in private, or get your own radio channel. Keep it off public.

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When we had the SoP outlined it was written in there that all use of the radios should be done in common. This is to ensure /everyone/ knows what is going on. General chatter and gossip should be done on pda's or in person.

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Guest Menown

My post didn't go through.

The IATA, which is the International Air Transit Association has rules that all pilots and traffic controllers must speak English. It's been this way since 2008. This is to ensure all communication through through their lines can be understood clearly, and by everybody listening in.

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I'll repeat what I said in another thread.

Tau Ceti Basic is the operational language of NanoTrasen. When discussing operational matters, or when using operational media - such as departmental or the general communications frequency - you will use the operational language. As they are intended for station operations. If you do not, that could definitely be considered misuse of communications because you are MISUSING communications. The corporate regulations can't define and outline every offense for everything. Hell, there are a lot of things I found it doesn't straight up outline and are kept in a very frustratingly grey area very recently.

I'm also pretty certain Baystation is significantly more relaxed with its station protocol compared to Aurora. I can't say for sure, I've never been.

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tl;dr, it's unproductive to speak any other language besides the standard interstellar basic one over comms.

Communications are meant to facilitate meaningful, productive, and significiant information transmissions.

speaking a language that not everyone is going to understand over comms defeats the purpose of radio communications

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To be honest, the public channel is NEVER used for interdepartment communication beyond calling for medical/security.

Since there is no directive/regulation about it, it's TECHNICALLY Captain's discretion.

As a Captain regular, on code green, I generally allow Tau Ceti Basic, and the two trade-oriented languages (tradeband and gutter) . On code blue and red, I only allow Basic, since those two alerts are the only one where important information is actually being transferred usually, and enough people know Tradeband/Gutter that using them doesnt hamper communication.

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Alright, time for me to pull out my harmbaton and show those filthy furries what JUSTICE is.

Look, don't speak Siik'maas, hissy language or any of that stuff on comms. In any workplace scenario, you do not speak a foreign language over the radio. It causes distress, sparks hostility an- basically all of the points have been addressed. We understand, your little Furry space commi wants to talk with his friends where it's nice and convenient. Don't, no one likes to hear Gutter and Tradeband either, they are in their full right to detain you if you don't listen to the warnings. Now, you are in your full right to do it, just don't complain if you get incident reports or a harmbaton to the face.

I'm in favor for setting this in stone and making sure we don't have anything other than Tau Basic on comms.

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Sound, I mean, I actually used the suggestion form, and like, submitted one? Not just blabbed and complained about it. Below is what I submitted:

"Ignoring/disregarding the following expectations are punishable under (i107) Misuse of Public Communications

The General Communication Network (GCN) is only to be used for: Interdepartment communication and minimal socialization.

The only permissable language on the GCN is NanoTrasen's operational language 'Tau Ceti Basic'

The Captain, or Interim thereof, or Command as a whole may issue a ban on communications use at any level of operation."

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