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Kraznys and the Kazereen

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Kraznys is a small planet in the system of Nakloz, a solar system on the fringe of the Galaxy. The solar system itself has two stars which cause the weather on Kraznys to be quite temperamental, often switching from blistering heat to freezing blizzards and even to heavy unending monsoons.

The planet is made up of many many small islands with the largest being the centre of trade and politics on the planet, while the smaller are inhabited by nothing but barbaric tribes of Unathi and hostile beasts that make trouble for the local populace.

Many of the smaller islands are often submerged completely during heavy monsoons meaning the only structures truly confirmed to be safe have their own shielding system that protects them from the massive pressure of the oceans.


The Planet of Kraznys is ruled by the Kraznys Republic a council of three, the triarch, the triarch is made up of three male Skrell all chosen by the citizens of Kraznys, though many have declared the voting unfair due to the citizens being only able to vote for a Skrellian Nobleman.

Each triarch controls one of three main divisions of the Kraznys Republic: Research, Security and finally Commerce. The Triarchs often come to blows with each other but they are always calmed down by the other noblemen that sit court with them.

The Krazereen

The planet of Kraznys has a vile reputation because of the forms of trade and research that is performed on the surface. The Primary source of income for the planet are slaves, but not just any slaves - slave soldiers.

The slave soldiers on Kraznys are known as Krazereen have gained massive fame as the most effective and loyal soldiers ever to grace the galaxy. They are often hired by mercenary companies that need the extra numbers or by colonies looking for a security force that won’t abandon their posts when the going gets tough, although the price is often consider the problem. The thing that sets the Krazereen apart is the method of their conception. They’re clones created from a sample of DNA taken from a man the founder of the Kraznys outpost stated was the finest human being he had ever seen.

The Krazereen are clones, blank clones that are grown the old fashioned way. However, the scientists of Kraznys didn’t want the Krazereen to grow old too quickly so they accelerated the growth time between birth and Puberty to be only eight years, where it would then slow down to slightly slower than normal rates. The secret of this technology is a closely guarded secret by the scientists of Kraznys.

It takes ten years for a Krazereen to be trained to fighting form and in those ten years the Krazereen train in the hottest deserts, and coldest waters - it is rumoured only five out of seven boys survive the training. While their endurance and physical prowess is a big part of their training, the second stage involves tactical simulations and weapon mastery. They are taught that their rifle is their arm and to lose it is to bring dishonour among themselves. While they are taught basic gutter language they are to never speak a different language or risk punishment from their masters.

To make matters worse for the Krazereen they are sterilised, how exactly is unknown though many expect it to be an unpleasant, painful ordeal. Because there are so many Krazereen trained on the planet they are not given proper names but instead a number code which is tattooed on their wrist along with a barcode for organisation during their training. They are taught that they obey their master over anything, but they are also taught never to raise arms against Kraznys or its people.


The other thing the planet is famous for is its research into human physiology, the planet is often seen as the best chance for the Skrell to recover from their pressing genetic defects and survive as a species. Despite the Jargon Federation condemning the actions of the colony, no hostile ships have ever made it to Kraznys through Jargon Federation space, leading to rumours that the Federation in fact is one of the many benefactors of the colony, and often funds its cruel experiments on humans. Many Xenophobes claim that if a Human is arrested in Federation space then they are sent to the planet without choice.

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I don't know, this entire thing seems slightly unrealistic to say the least, previous apps have also been denied, because in Jackboot's words, 'not everyone can have their own little slice of space' .

What makes this any different besides the slightly strange clone soldiers?

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Well clearly it's not my own slice of space, it's a new location with it's own political system all for the purpose of adding depth and variety, also I understand that sounds like something I always say, because I do. But, it's something I mean, adding to this universe is what this is all about and I think this could add some good role play due to its abhorrent nature, Human xenophobes might use this as an excuse to be mean to Skrell and the like.

And please we can be honest here, let's not use excuses, when you have wizards and vampires a few Slave soldiers can hardly be called unrealistic. This is sci-fi it doesn't have to be realistic, only consistent like a fantasty world.

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Fair enough.

You may need to adapt the clones and such to the latest genetics lore redux, as I'm not 100% sure what's going on with that.

I'll leave this open until tomorrow at roughly 10:30ish EST, for final comments.

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