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IAM's Model Pistol

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BYOND Key: Aedan

Character name: IAM

Item name: IAM's Model Pistol

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

This model pistol is made from the exterior of a protopistol given to IAM by Research Director Sybil Rosetta-Sigma during IAM's second shift as a "free" Security Synthetic on 5-22-2457. While he certainly couldn't keep a functioning protopistol, Sybil's gift marks a very major turning point in IAM's life while intrinsically being connected to his work and workplace aboard the Aurora. It would also constitute his first real personal possession. In short, it would be stranger for him NOT to keep this with him as often as possible, and its origin point is in fact that very workplace.


Item function(s): If it were to have a function, it should just be a reskinned toy gun, crossbow, or laser tag gun. (Crossbow or Laser Tag Gun actually sounds like it'd be fun, since I could pew pew darts or harmless not-lasers.) Otherwise it's just there to be a coincidentally gun-shaped object of sentimental value to IAM, so it doesn't strictly need any of these extra layers of functionality.

Item description:

A highly realistic model of a protopistol with an engraving along the side that reads:


Sybil Rosetta-Sigma

NSS Aurora


An orange tip marks it decisively as a harmless toy.

Item appearance:

Pretty much just the appearance of a protopistol. No modifications needed other than the item on-examine description. You could maybe give it an orange tip, I guess?



Additional comments: Not going to lie, I didn't have any notions of applying for a custom item... until Sybil went out of her way to give IAM a protopistol as a sort of "welcome to having a body and being a real crew member" gift. It struck me as the sort of thing IAM would hold onto as a very powerful memory, and I kind of want something to mark the occasion.

I'm not sure if this falls under the weapon ban, because I've seen people carrying knives and stuff, so I'm sorry if this is just a total waste of time.

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In all seriousness though, it's a VERY simple request (make a non-functional item with a different name and a sprite that already exists) which is very symbolic to IAM (and makes for a good conversation piece).

At any rate, I'm glad my character could have an impact on IAM's lore :D

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