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unjobban request

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BYOND Key: thedude222000

Total Ban Length:Job ban

Banning staff member's Key:Skull132 for the ERT ban I couldn't find theyre name

Reason for the ban: For the security job ban a guy challenged me so I acepted so we fought in the holo deck and we beta the shit out of each other. ERT ban I was mucking about it was one of my frist times playing and I accidently blew shit up and killed my self.

Reason for Appeals:Well for security I was always layed back and I just jumped into the job with out a care and after reading the rules.I feel like I now have a better understanding of the job. For ERT I was honestly testing out the job and I messed around a bit and completely fucked up so yeah I realy wouldnt care about getting unbanned from ERT but security would be apreciated and for how long I have been job banned its been about a month for sec two or three for ERT.

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I personally find that your general behavior has not improved much recently. You still don't seem to take the game on a very serious level. Just recently, you were weekbanned for drilling a hole into escape using a mech, and even yesterday I had to give you a warning for this gem in OOC:


[17:53:10]OOC: Caleb Williams/Thedude222000 : if you drop the soap in prison you are opening up you anus for rapeing


Given how I think you've still failed at showing the proper level of maturity required to play high-responsibility jobs, is there anything you can do to demonstrate to us that you would be up for the task? (And with actions, rather than words. Because the problem is, right now, your actions do not match the words you give us here.)

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I'm not looking for you to provide excuses. I'm looking for you to provide some guarantee that this won't happen again. And a "I promise I won't do it" won't cut it, because I believe that's pretty much what you've given us in the past, then you broke your word, breaking server rules as recently as yesterday.

In fact, I believe Skull told you how close you were to being banned again. I suggest you look heavily at fixing your behavior before you ask us to lift any outstanding bans you might have.

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