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Janosch Goellsteins AskMe Account.

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((That's right. Due to my inability to annoy play with you I'll be interacting with you on the forum.))

As you browse trough the dozens of AskMe profiles you eventually stumble over this one.

Account Name: MrEngineer2232

Real Name: Janosch Goellstein

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Personal Notes: I'm about 1.90m tall, got blue eyes, orange-red hair and a chinstrap.

Feel free to ask me anything. For example, why I have been away so long

You know how to.

You press 'join chatroom'.


A young, muscular man looks up into the camera. "Hey there, feel free to ask me anything."

He is wearing what seems to be a black turtleneck. He has a watch on his right hand, you recognize it as a very expensive model. The background is clouded in shadows, nothing to see...

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