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  1. Fun. I've messaged some staff in that time period. And they did not say such a thing, there. HoS meant that I should try. Garn said the chance is low, but I can try. So here I am, trying again. And hopefully, succeeding one last time. New chars, new everything.
  2. BYOND Key: mirkoloio Total Ban Length: It's been well more than 7 months now. Banning staff member's Key: HouseOfSynth Reason of Ban: https://i.imgur.com/JBCRUjg.png Reason for Appeal: Well. After 6 months of non-appeal time, I've (more or less) patiently waited till November. And so I am here again, asking of you to unban me. A lot of time went by. A lot of things happened. And near daily RP for me on multiple servers/games. I think, I have improved sufficiently enough to come back to play on Aurora. The place I called home once. And I do hope I can be re-integrated in the big, sweetly-salty community I love.
  3. Yes, please do! Would you care to make this multiplayer? I'd love to play the Vaurca!
  4. This is a ban appeal. Not a Q&A for everyone. It's aimed at HoS, and not other people asking for things.
  5. I'm totally going to blatantly ignore everyone else and answer to HoS alone. PM me if you want to bitch at me. I'd want to say I learned my lesson. Been playing on a few other RP servers, improved, reflected on bad times and stuff. I think I've learned my lesson so far. And, as cancerous as the Aurora Community may be (love every piece of that, though!), it's my community. It's where I fit in. A place I used to identify myself with. And I'm asking to be allowed back there. I do think I improved. A lot.
  6. And the rest.. literally is months, if not years old.
  7. Never said my headwhitelist got stripped because of inactivity. You're mixing something up, bud. The stuff with my latest ban was because I wielded a knife I shouldn't have, with more-or-less IC reasoning, wich wasn't enough reasoning, though. Also that fucking Sol event. Wich caused a lot of trouble for me, really. The Vaurca ban was NOT because of powergaming cargo. It was because I asked for a lethal weapon, while not sec or antag.
  8. BYOND Key: Mirkoloio Total Ban Length: Long damn time. Banning staff member's Key: HouseOfSynth Reason of Ban: Too long to write out. Been a general shitler, did a general lot of shit. Reason for Appeal: Been a few months now, I just feel like comming back and to get all the applied bans removed for a fresh start. Heck, does this even work to get me my Vaurca back? I dunno.
  9. BYOND Key: mirkoloio Total Ban Length: perm'd Banning staff member's Key: alberyk Reason of Ban: Reason for Appeal: Well, I appeal today because I feel the dire need to satiate my hunger for the aurora. Boredom's taking over and, really, I miss the community. The reason I was banned might've been a bit overdone there. I'd like to justify what I did with the fact that Vaurca Warriors are genetically bound to be loyal to the hive. This includes protecting their workers and drones when in danger, seeing they're not capable or suited for combat. Simply put, the items carried were carried to to several crewmembers aboard having shown hostile intent towards Vaurcae of the Zo'ra hive in previous shifts. As non-traitors, too. So in preparation for their (most likely) verbal and physical harrasment of Vaurca, my character, Ghul, decided to gain a few advantages over them. (The blaster might've been a tad overkill, tho. I agree there.) I'd like to contest this ban also because I think a permanent ban for this is a bit over the top. I'd have agreed with a month ban, too. And I'd have sat it out. Another thing is that the applying admin, Alberyk, didn't let me properly explain before he immediately applied the ban. Wich I think is not quite alright. I, at this time and still, think that this certain admin has/had a grudge against me for some reason, seeing they were pretty hostile in their PM, too. At least, in my oppinion.
  10. It is. IF you're not losing. Besides, if they extend their murderboner, just fucking ahelp and get that person dealt with. Rules still apply. No need to nerf a totally fine mechanic.
  11. Totally forgot the auto emote thing. It'd be like: 'Za'Akaix'Ant Zo'ra lowers down on all six on their legs.' And the other would be the exact opposite. These'd trigger upon activating/deactivating sprint mode Edit: Fixed some errors in typing. Fuck you, I'm german. I'm allowed to be bad at english.
  12. Hail Aurora, my dear friends. Today I present to you an awesome idea I have come up with while bombarding a village of civilians in Arma3 A revamp to Vaurca sprinting! Now you all might think: REEEE! THEY ARE OP ENOUGH! GET OUT! But hold it right there, criminal scum my friends! This is not a change to their speed or stamina. It's a change of sprite and, maybe, adding a little auto emote. Now, What I had in mind is: When vaurca enter sprint mode, they lower down to use ALL their limbs to run. Meaning all 6 of them are on the floor, and the vaurca torpedos along like a real ant. In my oppinion, that'd make sense and would look awesome. But that's just me. Maybe, just maybe, make them have a charge attack or an increase of speed at the penalty of NOT being able to hold anything in their hand or interact with anything while sprinting.
  13. Fuck Hopcurity, really. I always felt the urge to harmgrab and bite them when they converted themselves to HoPcurity.
  14. Eh. I guess I'm not much in the position to make negotiations. I'm cool with it.
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