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[Denied] Andrewroo's application for RIG suit

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Character name:

Andrew Coetzee

Item name:


Why is your character carrying said item to work?

My character carries this to work because he is a veteran engineer who worked on battle cruisers from early child hood and his father gave it to him as a gift because it was his favourite suit. It was for engineering purposes.

Item function(s):

It is a suit that can be modified with things such as


Health Analyzer

Diamond Drill



Chemical Dispenser

Voice Synthesizer

Maneuvering Jets

Vision Modules

Night Vision Module

Thermal Module

Meson Module

Item description:

RIG Suits are the newest model of advanced hardsuits produced by NanoTrasen's finest. Powered by an intelligent control module, RIG Suits are controlled by high-tech machinery that makes masks obsolete as new Sealing technology is available, and incorporates a plethora of integrated modules that destroys the need to carry encumbering packs to space trips. Although complex in make, RIG Suits are simple to use, for they were after all, designed for the rank and file of NanoTrasen.

Item appearance:

Its a suit looking similar to the hardsuits engineers wear except it can compact itself.

Additional comments:

I want to use this suit because I like to have a personal suit for myself.

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Custom Item applications are for RP enhancing items, not gameplay enhancing ones; this item gives you a MASSIVE boost over every other player in the game, it is also leagues better than any other hardsuit in the game, it can have a chemical dispensor for crying out loud.

As a member of the lore team I also have no recollection of NT ever developing super-suits, and you would most certainly need to make a lore canonisation application for them to even be a thing.

There is also no chance of a child being allowed on a military cruiser, considering the primary user of them is the Sol Alliance.

In all honest, this looks more like an attempt to get a security/engineering/mining supersuit for gameplay reasons to make your character an ex-military mary sue than anything else.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

A fully custom EVA suit would still put people on edge if you spawned right out with it. I do believe the devs would be willing to give you a job-locked rig-kit though, that allows you to customise an EVA suit already present when you are an engineer.

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