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[Denied] Andrewroo's custom rig-kit application

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Character name:

Andrew Coetzee

Item name:

Custom rig-kit

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

He has been an engineer for years and working multiple shifts where he likes to customize his suits but he wants to have a kit to do it. To make it easier for him.

Item function(s):

Its a hard suit customizer

Item description:

It was a suggestion I'm not too sure on its description

Item appearance:

again... im not too sure I just know it is used to customize your suit

Additional comments:

Thank you!

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I can support this, I think I have seen Andrew around a few times, albiet I have been on the server very infrequently recently. I think this could be a good talking point between engineers, or even a good disguise if an antagonist chooses to steal it.

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