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Hey, so after looking at the complete destruction of my previous Hackie Recommends, I decided I should make a new one. I have been playing games since a long time ago, so I know everything that matters except your stupid anime games you weeaboos. Anyhow, every Saturday I'll show off an awesome game. Generally they'll be old or, under the radar so don't worry about me showing off the new Call of Duty. Also, don't recommend your own shiitake mushrooms, just talk about the game.

Total War: Rome

By Creative Assembly




Total War Rome is a grand strategy game, full of depth and complexities unseen in most modern RTS titles. In comparison to its sequel, Total War II, this game is far less complex but, is far easier to handle. The game takes place during the time of pre-Roman empire, before the senate's fall. You must lead your house/faction in the conquering of Rome. With diverse units, an amazing culture system, it is everything you want out of a four X game and more.

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By Stygian Software




This is the classic Fallout love child with modern isometric RPG difficulty. It is fantastic. Good writing, fun gameplay and nostalgia make a wonderful cocktail of a game. It is a turn based isometric RPG, and players of Fallout 2 and One will have no problem with the game. It is not for the feint of heart, however. This game will chew you up and spit you out if you don't play smart, the character creation screen will kill you. Everything will kill you. Now, just buy the game and find out what's happening.

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