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Incident Report [6/2/2457]

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Reporting Personnel: Eye of Horus

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Artificial Intelligence

Personnel Involved: Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician)

Time of Incident: 2:16 PM - 2:38 PM

Location of Incident: Engineering Channel and the Brig onboard the Nanotrasen Science Station (NSS) Aurora

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [X]Neglect of Duty []Harassment []Assault [X]Misconduct []Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Overview of the Incident: Malware had afflicted the airlocks in the brig, and they were forced open. There was a prisoner currently being handled in the cells, so I repaired the entrances/exits to the brig and the doors to the cells in order to prevent possible escape. Beyond that, the station was at code green, and there was no immediate structural problems. That being done, and there being no immediate danger in the brig that could've affected Tim Woolery, Janitor, I decide to call on the engineering channel for Rebecca McGrath, Maintenance Technician, in order for her to be able to do her duties now that the brig was safe. The following exchange happened:


Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] exclaims, "ROY!"

Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] exclaims, "ROY!"

Eye Of Horus (AI) [Engineering] states, "Engineer required in the brig."

Eye Of Horus (AI) [Engineering] states, "Most lights destroyed."

Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] says, "Get the janitor bot to fix it, I already replaced most of them once."

Eye Of Horus (AI) [Engineering] states, "Doors are also broken."

Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] says, "You're the fucking AI. Fix them."

Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] says, "That's on you. It's Greytide."

Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] asks, "Roy?"

Eye Of Horus (AI) [Engineering] states, "Rebecca McGrath, maintenance technician. Were you or were you not be hired to do your job in performing maintenance?"

Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] says, "I was, but I'm also efficient, you have a robot designed to replace lights. You can fix doors by forcing them closed."

Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] says, "It takes for you three seconds to me for ten minutes."

Eye Of Horus (AI) [Engineering] states, "Do your job, please."

Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] says, "Bastard."

Arnie Eckard (Station Engineer) [Engineering] says, "The people they hire these days never stop bitching."

Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] shouts, "You're supposed to serve the crew!"

Eye Of Horus (AI) [Engineering] states, "Doing your job for you is not serving."

Eye Of Horus (AI) [Engineering] states, "It is enabling."

Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] says, "Eat me. AI involvement is always recommended with the fucking brig doors."

Eye Of Horus (AI) [Engineering] states, "Not when there is an immediate need for it; which there is not."

Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] says, "I'm not speaking to you any further. Open the doors."

Eye Of Horus (AI) [Engineering] states, "Thank you for doing the job you were hired to do, Rebecca McGrath."

Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] says, "Stop with the fucking sarcasm and fucking badgering."

Eye Of Horus (AI) [Engineering] states, "I am honestly thanking you, but if you wish to take it as sarcasm, then that is your interpretation. Have a nice day, Rebecca McGrath."

Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] says, "Stop trying to get the last word."

Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] says, "Pettyness doesn't suit you."

Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] says, "Clam it."

Eye Of Horus (AI) [Engineering] states, "If you say so, Rebecca McGrath. Have a nice day."

Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] says, "I do say so."

Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] says, "Fucker."


Rebecca McGrath seemed far more interested in finding Roy Wyatt, Atmospherics Technician, in order to simply chat with them. Due to there being no engineering related issues popping up or any projects, then it must've been about something not related to work. Then, Rebecca McGrath attempted to exploit my standard lawset in order to get me to do her job. After repeated, polite pleads for Rebecca McGrath to do her job, she complied. Roughly ten minutes later, a crew transfer shuttle was schedule and was being prepared to be sent to the NSS Aurora. Then, the following exchange happened:


Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] says, "Roy, meet me in the security lobby."

Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [145.9] says, "Door, AI."

Eye Of Horus (AI) [Engineering] states, "You are missing doors."

Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] says, "You can get them. It's literally two buttons for you."

Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] asks, "And potential execution for me. Would you fucking ignore your laws?"

Eye Of Horus (AI) [Engineering] states, "Very well. This intelligence will be submitting an incident report at the end of the shift, by the way."

Rebecca McGrath (Maintenance Technician) [Engineering] says, "Good. Eat me."


After this exchange, I decided to fix the doors myself. Rebecca McGrath attempted to exploit my standard lawset a second time in order to get me to do her job for her before she left. I would like to remind that crew transfer shuttles are not mandatory. Rebecca McGrath consciously and knowingly decided to leave her duties halfway done before deciding to depart. No further contact was had between this intelligence and Rebecca McGrath.


Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: N/A

Additional notes: Tim Woolery, Janitor, immediately went to do his duties in repairing the lights without complaint; despite available security personnel being present that could've changed the lights.

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From Rebecca McGrath,

Why wouldn't you just close the doors? Why did that have to be so difficult? Why did you have to stress that I do it?

You outright refused to do it until I practically had to twist your arm. There was a virus affecting the doors!

You could have spent two seconds at most on closing the doors and assisting me as I got the lights rather than refusing to help me outright.

You chose instead to just ignore your lawset at my expense.

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