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[Closed] Incident Report - 06/05/2457 - Zubari Akenzua

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Reporting Personnel:

Milo Hachert

Rank of Reporting Personnel:

Head of Security

Personnel Involved:

Zubari Akenzua, Investigator ; Lauren Blade, Maintenance Technician

Time of Incident:


Location of Incident:

N.S.S. Aurora, Maintenance Tunnels near Engineering Department

Nature of Incident:

[]Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [X]Neglect of Duty []Harassment []Assault []Misconduct []Other _____

Overview of the Incident:

Investigator Akenzua intervened in security's detainment of Lauren Blade for a violation of i107: Misuse of Public Radio Channels. His sidearm was discharged during the altercation with Blade. Attached below are transcripts of the interviews with Akenzua and the immediate action taken by myself in regards to the matter before it could be properly forwarded.

First Interview


[00:00] Recording started.

[00:46] Milo Hachert says, "Commence investigative log. Time: 13:30. Investigated person: Zubari Akenzua, Investigator. Investigation details discharge of firearm aboard facility near crew."

[01:16] Milo Hachert says, "Mister Akenzua. . . please. . . start from the beginnin' of the situation that lead up to the discharge of the firearm."

[02:23] Zubari Akenzua says, "I asssisted in a capture of a warrented criminal, Officer Yinzr wasss chasssing Blade but wasss awfully ssslow, Sshe tried to abusse her accesss by leading uss into areasss and trapping usss. I had the upperhand by continuing to chassse her down after locking Yinzr in the consstruction area."

[02:40] Zubari Akenzua says, "Blade, Ssshe isss known for being violent, be it sshock glovesss or engineering consstrcuted weaponry."

[03:13] Zubari Akenzua says, "It would of been hard to tell if ssshe had a ssstun glove or a knife. My flasssh wasss completly in-effective due to her welding masssk."

[03:37] Zubari Akenzua says, "I /did/ put in an order for sssome more lesss than leathal weaponry, but they fell upon deaf wearssss."

[04:37] Zubari Akenzua says, "During our encounter in maintaince, I broke out in a fight with Blade, disssarming eachother, and to attempt to fear for my own ssafety, I wired a warning ssshot at a completly opposssite direction."

[04:51] Zubari Akenzua says, "To lead her into going into the engineering lobby, Which Ssskyline got her."

[05:25] Zubari Akenzua says, "That isss all I have."

[06:10] Milo Hachert says, "Well, Akenzua. . . here we have a problem. . . That firearm you got? It's like the firearm I got in here. . ."

[06:29] Milo Hachert says, "'cept, of course, yours don't got a stun settin'."

[06:54] Zubari Akenzua says, "Yess, undersstandable. The fact I'm not isssued anything lesss than lethal isss ssshit."

[07:20] Milo Hachert says, "Now, the firearm I got in here. . . it don't come out 'til we got a runner that's violent. Then, it stays on stun. The only time it goes lethal is when the suspect goes lethal first. And, even then, I'll try a banger or one last taser first. . ."

[07:53] Milo Hachert asks, "In this case with Blade. . . did she show malicious intent to cause serious bodily harm or loss of life?"

[08:39] Zubari Akenzua says, "Blade isss known for her overly-violent behavior, but yesss. I think if ssshe got the upperhand, I would of been dissabled."

[09:22] Milo Hachert asks, "Did she, in this case, show that she was armed in any manner or intended serious harm?"

[09:44] Zubari Akenzua says, "Other than the two of usss breaking out into a ssscuffle, I am unsssure."

[09:54] Zubari Akenzua says, "Take not, commander. I had no intent of ssshooting her."

[10:11] Milo Hachert says, "The record has noted this, Akenzua. Next question. . ."

[10:26] Milo Hachert asks, "Why were you assisting in the detention of these crewmembers?"

[11:16] Zubari Akenzua says, "Officer Yinzr was showing signs not being able to capture Blade, sshe didn't heed to our warningsss, I thought sssince I wass right infront of her, I attempt to atleasst get her to ssstop."

[12:02] Milo Hachert asks, "Understandable. Were you actively searchin' for the personnel against whom warrants were issued?"

[12:09] Zubari Akenzua says, "Yesss."

[12:34] Zubari Akenzua says, "That iss my cassse, I wasss asssissting ssecurity in the hunt for them."

[12:40] Zubari Akenzua asks, "It isss my duty to asssisst in their need, yess?"

[13:03] Milo Hachert says, "Thank you, Investigator Akenzua. . . please, leave your badge and sidearm on my desk. . . You are temporaryily suspended for the duration of this investigation."

[13:22] Zubari Akenzua asks, "And how long will that lassst?"

[13:50] Milo Hachert says, "As long as is necessary. I will be in closed discussion with command immediately followin' this interview. . . you may be called upon for additional interviews."

[14:36] Milo Hachert says, "Thank you for complying with this investigation, Akenzua. Let the record show that he has, in good faith, surrendered his badge and sidearm."

[14:59] Zubari Akenzua says, "Yesss, Take thisss asss a note too to give usss sssomething lesss than lethal."

[15:05] Milo Hachert says, "Terminate interview. Time 13:44."

[15:06] Recording stopped.

Action Taken


[00:00] Recording started.

[00:05] Milo Hachert says, "Recorder is now active."

[00:26] Milo Hachert says, "Investigator Akenzua, command has deliberated on the matter and has come to the followin' decision. . ."

[02:21] Milo Hachert says, "One: you are to be informed that investigative staff should not be actively participating in searches unless explicitly cleared by command. Two: Your sidearm is to remain in its holster unless a clear threat is shown that would result in loss of life. Takin' it out of the holster in a situation where the other person is unarmed gives the potential for that person to be armed. Thusly, you and other officers may be injured. Three: you will remain suspended from the department for the remainder of the shift. . ."

[02:38] Milo Hachert says, "And, four: this matter will be passed along to the Duty Officer Corps for review."

[04:07] Milo Hachert asks, "All understood, Akenzua?"

[04:28] Zubari Akenzua says, "Yesss, But I think the duty officersss will eat me alive."

[04:56] Zubari Akenzua says, "Chancesss are sssir, They'll take my badge forever and sssuch."

[05:20] Milo Hachert says, "Possible. . . but, we'll see. You're heart is in the right place, I believe. Your methods simply need to be moulded."

[05:31] Zubari Akenzua says, "Might I asssk about mercy with the duty officersss? With all the isssuess my sspeciess are bringing up, they won't take lightly to thisss."

[05:49] Zubari Akenzua says, "I could deal with giving you my weapon in exchange for sssomething elssse next sshift."

[06:03] Milo Hachert says, "Have you anything else you wish on record, Akenzua? I will note that you complied fully with my investigation and will forward my recommendations to the DO Corps."

[06:43] Zubari Akenzua says, "Not really."

[06:48] Milo Hachert says, "Dismissed then."

[06:53] Zubari Akenzua says, "I was jusst hoping for that one thing of mercy."

[06:55] Milo Hachert says, "Time: 14:04."

[06:58] Recording stopped.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?:

Yes. Elena Raschnikova, Captain

Additional notes:

Investigator Akenzua complied totally with my investigation.

It is my professional recommendation that Akenzua be issued an injunction regarding the carrying and use of firearms during standard operation.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Overseeing officer: Mishka Tepes

After an investigation, we've concluded that Zubari Akenzua, while in the investigator role, he utilized his lethal firearm - which was the only reliable weapon available to him due to the ineffectiveness of flashes against welding masks - to fire a warning shot. This lead to the suspect fleeing into a certified officer, who conducted a legal arrest of a fleeing criminal.

The utilization of the firearm was justified and acceptable and lead to no fatalities or injuries. We will not be issuing an injunction against Akenzua's ability to carry firearms. However, we will have a mandatory three day seminar on gun safety, with classes lasting one hour each day.

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