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  1. Had the opportunity to play a round with their RD. Communicated well. Worked with other command staff to address the issues on station. Seems to have solid control and smooth operation of their own department from an outside perspective. +1.
  2. BYOND Key: commissardrew Total Ban Length: 1 minute Banning staff member's Key: ffrances Reason of Ban: You, or another user of this computer or connection (wizard1012) is banned from playing here. The ban reason is: No roleplay, spamming allcaps curses in adminhelp when contacted. Reason for Appeal: I am once again asking for help removing a ban that I am unfamiliar with. It was applied on 2014-12-21 19:09:10. The system has failed us again. Please help.
  3. I approve of this. Would be a good addition to officer lockers and the loadout alike.
  4. Corporate Security Beret under beret options, please!
  5. Reporting Personnel: Kris Broklaw Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Security Officer Personnel in Question: Ryan Barrett Job Title of Personnel in Question: Cargo Technician Reason for Review: [x] - Extended Arrest History [ ] - Grievous Infraction on Record [ ] - Other: ____ Notes: Is not receptive to low level corrective action by security or station command personnel. Current records indicate employee is part of the Solarian Prison Outreach Program. The reasoning for his posting is to "improve his work ethic around co-workers of other species." Current arrest history does
  6. BYOND Key: Commissar_Drew (client sometimes registers it as commissardrew). Total Ban Length: Unknown. Banning staff member's Key: alberyk Reason of Ban: assaulting someone for little reason and then going ssd right after Reason for Appeal: Date of the ban is listed as 2020-06-11 at 1530. I was not playing on the server at this time. I believe there is some sort of technical issue here as I have been playing over the last several days - after having returned from a few years long hiatus last week - without any issues.
  7. There is a cryo pod in the brig for permanent holding prisoners to utilize if they don't want to hang around the brig.
  8. Even in shelved death, Milo was still HoSsin' on.
  9. I like the idea, 1138. Perhaps, in addition to this change, have a message sent to heads of staff that an ERT is en route? This would lessen the amount of "ERT called > Immediately call shuttle" that I feel may occur if there is no confirmation that the call was received. The confirmation could be fax, requests console, or a PM a la the emergency message CentComm response.
  10. Byond key: Commissar_Drew Character names: Milo Hachert ; Lukas Cain ; Drew Valstrom What times are you available? In GMT: 11 PM - 4 AM (weekdays) ; Open (weekends) Do you have any experience with Moderating? Or similar. Former Baystation12 moderator. Former Aurora moderator. Former administrator on Exogenesis. Why do you want to be a Duty Officer? It seems that more Duty Officers are required. I love Aurora. It's my favorite station to space on. I want to "give back" in some manner, and being a DO seems like an excellent way to do so. How well can y
  11. Onto the subject at hand. People, for some reason that I have yet to comprehend, dislike those in positions of authority, or those who enforce the status quo. The "man" always seems to be in the way stamping down on "fun". In some cases, this is true, and these cases bring me to point one: Security can be lenient. Issue warnings. Talk to folks. RP it out. This segways into point two: act professional. Be professional. As a security officer one should maintain a certain level of decorum. This does not mean you need to be an unfeeling robot, but as an officer, ideally, people should b
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