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Fury's Story

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((There will probably be more sections to come after this, I might update this thread after the main stories' "End" to explore further.))

Pain. Pain was all I felt.

When I first opened my eyes, all I could see was white. As my eyes settled I could make out lights on a roof. I turned my head to the left and saw rows of beds, most of them shrouded by white curtains. I looked to my right and saw a wall with a red cross on it. Laying there I watched humans work, helping unathi out of the other white beds, helping them into white beds, or helping them into black bags. Soon a human arrived, she was dressed in a white coat, I could see purple clothing underneath. She was followed by a strange machine, it was floating with six strange limbs around it, made of white steel. As the machine waved a scanner over me. It proclaimed in the speak of the humans "Subject status. Stable. Brain trauma is healed. Bones are in correct placing." . With that the doctor called over another human, similarly dressed, who began to cut the wraps of white cloth around my left leg.

Once the second human was finished, both him and the two others left to the next white bed. I got up from the bed, white lights hurting my eyes, and looked down to examine myself. All I had on me was black shorts, torn at the bottom with nothing in the pockets,a pair of black glasses at the little table next to me, some paper that I could barely read, and a picture. The picture was frayed at the ends, I could make out a male unathi standing tall. He was wearing nothing but some sort of uniform with the letters "NT". There was a woman beside him was dressed in a traditional robe. She was carrying a hatchling with her. I tucked the paper away into my pocket, put on my sunglasses, and began to move to find an exit.

Stepping out of the white room I could see the exit. As I moved to the exit I could see a large pile of scrap outside with unathi picking through it. There was a older-looking one yelling at them to hurry up and find something useful. Passing by the scrap pile, I stared at the scene around me. There was bombed buildings, some scraped togather as a sort of makeshift home, tightly packed togather where the pathways in between didn't allow someone to pass through. The area was filled with hungry looking people, there was a massive line up to receive food from a human man next to the white building. I back at the white building before turning away and walking towards the ramshackle village, with nothing but the clothes on my back, a picture, and a will to survive.

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Two days passed since I woke up in the IAC hospital. I had found shelter in a empty tent on the outskirts of the refugee camp. When I first found it, the old inhabitant was still inside. After I moved his body away I had begun to search the tent and found a weapon. A shotgun with two barrels, only one slug. Along with that there was a bag of leather, and black tinted goggles. Starving and hungry I had hidden the gun in my bag and put on my new goggles. Moving to a small marketplace in near the center of the camp. There were rugs of linen and other materials laid out, the shopkeepers sat on them and talked with passer-bys to try and get them to buy their wares. Scrap, medical supplies, ammunition, they sold whatever they could get their hands on. As I walked past I could see no food but, I eventually found a shopkeeper eating out of a metal can with the letters "IAC" written on the side. "Where did you get that food?" I questioned. The shopkeeper merely pointed in the direction of the IAC building.

As I arrived I noticed an gigantic line up that stretched from the back of the white building to a little distance from the marketplace.

I could not wait for this food, it would run out before my chance would come, so I began to move past the line and went behind the tent. There was a smaller tent behind it, stacks of tin cans raised high. They were only handing one can to each person. I scoped out the area, the people in the line couldn't see behind the can stacks, there was only two humans and a skrellian manning the tent. When the skrell had turn his back from the stacks to talk to a frustrated unathi in the line I had begun to move to the stacks. I grabbed as many cans as I could and placed them into my bag, but I was not careful enough. I had dropped one of the cans and it made a noise on a stone underneath.

The Skrell yelled at one of the humans, who I recognized as the male who had taken off the white casts on my leg. I did not need an invitation, and I had begun to run as fast as I could away from the tent and the pursuing human. Hoping to lose him in the densely packed tents I sprinted into them but before I could get past the second line of tents I was tackled by him. My bag had fallen off and the cans I was carrying fell out, the others took notice and began to scramble to grab them. The human was momentarily distracted by the chaos and I used that as an opportunity to force him off. As he staggered to get back onto his feet I rushed to retrieve my bag. The moment I was able to grab it the human once again tackled me to the ground. The crowd watched as I attempted to kick the human off. Scared and afraid, I reached into my bag and pulled out the gun inside. Before the human could pull away I had placed it point-blank at his chin and pulled the trigger. In one moment the human was afraid, in the next the front half of his face was gone.

I did not expect the noise and the recoil, which forced the gun out of my hand. I pulled off the human and looked around. His blood and brain matter, along with skull fragments, were scattered across the ground, tents, and on my body. Grabbing my bag and my gun before any of the on-lookers could take it away, I had tried to escape. Before I could walk two meters a larger unathi grabbed me and threw me to the ground. As he pulled out a bone knife I had prepared myself to become one with The Great Spirit as I closed my eyes. Suddenly, another shot rang out. I opened my eyes and saw the unathi laying on the floor with a hole in his neck. I had looked up and saw a green scaled unathi. He wore a hood over his head, black-tinted goggles like mine. On his legs were simple brown leather pants, around his waist hung a belt of tools, and on his wrists were two chains, one with a handgun tied to it, the wrapped around his arm. He extended out his free hand to me and looked me directly "You may thank me later, but we must leave now.". I nodded my head as I held my hand and he helped me up. As the crowd dispersed and we had begun to make our way to a tall building in the distance my saviour looked at me and asked "Have you ever heard of the Fifty-K, hatchling?".

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