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Complaints Wanted. Eliza Pond pt2

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Since the old forums have locked, I am re-posting this to continue the critique and improvements that the last one gave me.

This set has the new records to reflect the changes so far:

All right. I have been slowly clipping off bits if my Dynasty of water themed last name characters. Retirings coming up. New jobs not on station an the like. And now that I am getting down to my core characters that will remain. I thought I would get some criticisms in for any changes to make on the quiet. For that bitch in the blue coat. Eliza Pond.

And the facts were these:

Flavour Text:

She looks overworked. | Height: 175cm | She has a slender well toned upper body a small bust and narrow hips. Her face is angular with deep blue eyes.



DOB: 26OCT2423

Mother: Alicia Pond [Lake]

Father: Gregory Pond

Human | Female | Caucasian


75kg | 85kg with prosthesis

O- [Donor]

[02MAR2442] Right & left arm crushed beyond repair. Custom prosthesis installed.

[11OCT2454] Alcohol poisoning

[22NOV2455] Bullet shrapnel removed from right thigh

[02FEB2456] Right & left eyes replaced

Allergic To Invertebrate Venom [Tertiapin]

Psychological evaluation: Stable. Introverted & resistant to forming close relationships. Motherly reactions to young females in distress. Becomes still in times

of stress. Displays bravado when feeling endangered. Mandatory monthly sessions with Dr. A. Burke for prior employment stress.


Eliza Sophia Pond MBChB BMedSc ChM

[2442-2442] Freight Loader

[2442-2444] Bartender

[2444-2450] Pharmacist

[2450-2450] [L1-NCF-0200-070550-BHTE-ESP]

[2450-2454] Trauma Surgeon

[2454-2455] Virologist Apprentice

[2455-Present] Chief Medical Officer

EVA time: 7000+hrs

Pharmacology licenses A[M,I,W], B[M,I,W], C[M,I], D[M,I]

Class 2 [APLU,ODYSSEUS] licenses

Forensic pathology certification.



DOB: 26OCT2423

Human | Female | Caucasian


75kg | 85kg with prosthesis

Blue Eyes | Black, Long Hair

Prosthesis: Right & Left Arm Prosthesis

[06JUL2444] Indecent exposure

[11OCT2454] Public intoxication

[25OCT2454] Public intoxication, 5 counts insulting an officer on duty

[10OCT2454] Attempted murder. Charges Dropped

Backstory elements:

Background on her skills and why she has them:

She lost both her parents an most of her extended family at age 8 and was adopted by her surviving uncle with her younger sister and cousin from another uncle. As the uncle worked full time to help provide for all of them, the children after school would follow along on his engineering maintenance routes often taking on basic responsibilities to which they were naturally inclined. Eliza acting as a mother figure for her little sister and care taker for everyone else started as a junior first-aider at this time. Over the next ten years before she went to university she continued this role for first treatment of most of the engineering staff of the habitat. Over that time she became proficient with amateur diagnosis and application of bandages cremes splints and a variety of injected medicines with some guidance of the actual medical professionals to make sure she knew what she was doing.

At university having prior knowledge in medicine and a solid background in practical knowledge she started on a Bachelors of medicine and a Bachelors of medical science. to give her the credentials to be a physician and better knowledge of how chemicals work and for the first time. How to make them. During her first year she was working at a freight loader when she lost both her arms, after a few months of recovery and adjusting to the prostheses she returned to her studies in full shifting her priorities in medicine away from general work and into [Here is where it may push it a little in terms of study load] a mixed Bachelors of medicine & surgery while her bachelors of medical science was nearing it's work experience phase allowing for more study time.

After completing five years of medical school she moved on to her residency phase where through continued studies she also worked as a medical physician for another three years before graduating as a Trauma Surgeon.

She subsequently spent three years working as an on site Trauma Surgeon in the Beltway mines, as a surgeon/EMT hybrid with often outdated equipment and less opportunity to use large scanning machines. As such the nature of her work honed her gut instinct for on the fly diagnosis using little more than a hand held scanner and her tendency to always needing to be prepared with the medicines and treatments on her person.[7000+ EVA time= 3yrs, 40 weeks a year, 60 hours a week.]

Because of the restricted file in her records [Which we will not cover in this thread] She also gained a short lived interest in virological cures that lead to her gaining a basic understanding of how to produce antibodies for a particular virus, a skill set that mostly gathers dust on a shelf.

And shortly after joining the NSS Aurora not long after it was finished construction she lost her girlfriend to a poisoning murder which left the girlfriend unable to be cloned by normal means. In desperation and many a moment bordering on insanity she looked into resurrection and resuscitation methods to bring her back with aid of her cousin. During this period she attempted to learn the basics of cloning to aid in her efforts to bring her girlfriend back. Which ultimately succeeded.

It was also nearing the end of this time to get access to more restricted files for her obsession she petitioned the NanoTrasen medical board to be positioned as a CMO despite her young age at the time [27] She gained the position less through her skills and more for the fact she did paperwork and was a bossy little shit and would order the other members about if co-ordination was lacking. As a young and junior member of the head medical staff, her word is often given less weight in matters until she has more experience in their eyes. And because of her emotional detachment from many people and her lack of people skills for fragile individuals she had not been permitted to work as a psychologist and has almost no authority when declaring mental health states or conditions within the medical system.

All while during this time she has continued to study while on the job and gaining within the last few months her masters in surgical pathology while indulging her interest in keeping up with the newly developed medicines on the market. She is currently planning how to begin her masters in pharmaceutical medicine. And hopes to one day down the line gain a doctorate in both surgery and pharmaceuticals. Although she sees this goal as realistically being a decade if not closer to two away.

In an effort to get her working short weeks in what was considered a less stressful in terms of life and death job. She has periodically been stationed as the head of personnel. Not so much for her capacity to lead, but for her exemplary paper work and to stop her from declaring "I'll have you in front of the board!" to anyone who showed incompetence in the medical bay by serving her a buffet of humanity with a range of skills so she would lower her standards some and stop being such a pain in the ass to her higher ups.

Fears and dislikes:

Mechs with unskilled pilots. Due to loosing both her arms very painfully to one of these. While fine as a pilot herself she is terrified of close proximity to unskilled or unknown piloted mechs.

The phrase "I am a geneticist not a doctor" As anyone in this field would require at least a bachelor's of medicine realistically, even as what is a known split department field the concept of any member of medical staff having less medical skill than a four hour first aid course deserves in her mind to be added to the patient roster. Violently. Considering this response to basic triage calls is often at times of dire need to stop pointless death. She has very nearly caused some pointed deaths among her own staff in sheer fits of rage.

Unprepared medical staff or staff in general. After years and years of carrying round gear for every basic medical issue, anyone lacking the gear when they have had reasonable time to gear up tends to draw her ire.

BEES! She is allergic so she has a well grounded fear of them in her own self interest.

Meteor showers. With the loss of her parents, strikes fill her with paralyzing fear.

Her CoS [Chief of Staff (Current name for a leader of a hospital, but just tossed in by me as the title of the overseer of the medical heads of staff in the general area)] who she considers a horse faced bastard with his head so far up his ass it counts as a space time anomaly. He conversely thinks she is a skinny little bitch with a stick up her ass.

Quirks and other stuff:

When graduating to become a medical physician she took an oath that prevented her from being called a doctor until she had a doctorate. This oath also gives her considerable wiggle room on what is ethically right. And while through extension of this doctor, patient confidentiality and many other assumed aspects are not forced upon her as a work requirement she continues to use them for the sake of her reputation. Of which she puts far greater stock in than any title, certification or award. As such she does not take accusations of incompetence or lack of knowledge well.

Relationships. She is in a long term, stable and happy relationship with her girlfriend Vanessa Marsh. While often identifying as straight. Vanessa represents a rather singular exception to her normal sexuality and while not exactly conservative, she has also brought a more open side out in Eliza, which has also left her with a few indecency charges for screwing in less than private places and getting caught. Until recently she lived in an upscale three bedroom apartment with her sister and cousin whilst sharing a room with her girlfriend. However recent events have caused her sister to be away from home for weeks at a time, and as an exacerbation of older habits due to his new business her cousin is also rarely home at normal hours if at all. As for work colleagues. Dilgan is considered her gay but straight BFF while Adrianna and Jenifer are her gal pals. Miyako before her winding up in prison was considered an unofficial charge to which Eliza played the role of surrogate mother as she did for her younger sister some many years before.

Financially, due to her excellent hazard pay from prior work and taking on the occasional medical trial/research contract and her pay as a CMO, she is very used to being well off from the stand point of her savings, topping out at the high point near 230,000 credits. However she invested almost the entire sum in her cousins new business and has now for the first time had to truly consider a budget to her expenses to help her save money again until the investment starts to pay off.

Eliza growing up among blue collar workers from a young age developed a rather foul mouth in what was at the time her primary tongue of Tradeband. Vanessa chiding her for it and efforts to keep her job have caused her to improve her language significantly. She still however in moments of anger may launch into profanity laden tirades of Tradeband which have been described as, as elegant as wiping your ass with silk. Despite this she had also been known in her home town for her ability to sing.

Given her robotic arms and their weight and the general work load of moving patients, her upper body is rather strong, and as off work she often spends a portion of the day without her arms attached her abdominal core is well developed and she is flexible making her a rather strong individual. In 7.0 gravity [Earth standard is 9.8] she has, as part of her morning workout routine done single hand, hand stand push-ups. Three with each arm, in order to keep fit from her days working in the mine, where the extensive EVA work required considerable training to keep muscle mass up. Having moved to an almost non EVA position, but keeping up the training regime has led to her being strong enough to move two dead weight bodies by herself with little impact on her movement.

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