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50K-On The Hunt-

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A dark room can be seen. In the center of the room rests what looks to be a modified Durand. There are two arms on it, one holding some sort of mech-sized hammer and the other outfitted with a laser cannon. A small repair drones flys around the machine. The chassis is painted black with chrome highlights, a red banner rests in the space between the legs of a white unathi skull on top of a black gear. The cockpit is open, revealing an aged ancient-looking black scaled unathi wheezing from a air mask hooked up to the inside of the tank."People...of the sssssyndicate and ICN...he wheezes."I...Master Rorikaizr...hassss a deal..." A red light begins to flash from the inside of the cockpit, the drone quickly goes behind the mech and hooks up a air tank to the back."NT...hasss blocked off mossst of our forcessss...we will....pay one-point-five timessss...the creditssss for ATLASssss men....and NT men...."The unathi bursts into a fit of coughing and takes a large inhale of his air supply."We need them alive...for ransssom....we have hidden men in the ssstationsss and portsss...good...hunting...."

The screen suddenly turns to black. A map of explored space is shown, with locations marked with unathi skulls. The map remains there for 10 minutes until the screen turns black again, this time showing a unathi skull on a energy axe, a rifle, and a gear with the words "50K REPRESENT written underneath.

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A feed flickers and flashes, a dull tone emanating for a short while. The camera adjusts to face a woman with a haughty expression and a frown on their face, with their chin perked up high. Their neck is filled with intricate tattoos of random design, filling a canvas on their skin.

They crack a polite smile and begin to address the original transmission, "It is flattering you call us by our name. We'll be more than glad to assist in procuring ATLAS sympathizers as well as NanoTrasen personnel. We give our humblest regards, Master Rorikaizr, and will be honored to assist in lifting the embargo that is severely dampening our operational capacity in Uueoa-Esa. I trust you'll be more than willing to pay the general fee for utilizing our specialists."

The woman bows her head, and the framerate freezes for a short while, focusing slightly on her somewhat unsettling yet professional smile.


--Transmission Terminated--

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