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Andrewroo's custom item

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Character name:

Andrew Coetzee

Item name:

Remote Field Containment Operator.

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

It is a genious item that makes setting up the engine so much easier! He has released the singulairty in his past life many, many times and he became sick of always being suspended from work for incompetent engineering. So his solution... he saved up money to buy this device. So he can just interface with the emitters and field generators and avoid mistakes that would land him in heaps of trouble.

Item function(s):

It is designed to interface with the containment field generators and emitters and turn them on from a distance without the hassle of manual labour.

Item description:

A flashy electronic device with an antenna inbuilt that can connect wirelessly with the emitters and field generators.

Item appearance:

Additional comments:

Its okay if this is too much or is not worth it or whatever. :)

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Overpowered....... its anything but that.... Why would an antag release the singularity in the first place. Thats against the rules anyway. Plus its a custom item so what suggests that it can't be DNA locked. Use your brain and you can make it antag proof

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Please, follow the rules, before posting an application. Custom items should not give you any sort of atvantage over other things. The custom items here should mostly be cosmetic, that would add to a character's backstory, rather than give him/her a new over-efficient toy.

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