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[Denied] Red Queen's Chassis

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Byond Key: Smileydemon

Character Name: Red Queen

Skin Name: Red Queen or Red Robot





This is the original chassis of my established character Red Queen, before it was captured by Nanotrasen long ago. So, to be an Exchange intelligence, this chassis would have to be about 60-to 70 years old. I was going for that luxury technology feeling back-in-the day. Imagine a sports car from the 60s or 70s for a reference. Superior craftsmanship, inferior technology. The chassis itself is extremely heavy, needing powerful repulsors to allow it flight. It would only be compatible with Nanotrasen standardized parts after some minor alterations, such as the installation of the standardized cell mount. It also uses slightly radioactive material inside its casing to assist in powering its deep space excursions. The radiation is only dangerous when servicing the innards of the chassis, as the frame is a alloy of lead and steel.

(( I wrote a monster backstory here, and then my login timed out. I lost EVERYTHING /wrist. I will post it elsewhere though...once I rewrite it.))

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