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Artificial gravity, shields and energy swords.

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Natural Law.

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): Discovered in 2153, practical to use by 2230.

Region of Space:Controlled by (if not a faction): The known universe.

Other Snapshot information: The Bhowmick-Mukherji Effect is a natural law governing the properties of bodies on the quantum scale, similar and related to the Weak and Strong nuclear forces. Similarly to the electromagnetic force, the Bhowick-Mukherji Effect (henceforth called the B-M Effect) has two charges, and a neutral state. A negative B-M charge acts as a short range attractor, pulling matter and energy towards the point, similarly to gravity, but not dependent on mass, and planar, not spherical. A positive B-M charge acts as a short range repeller, pushing matter and energy away from the point. A body with no B-M charge, or a neutral charge, will have no effect on it's surroundings.

Long Description: The Bhowmick-Mukherji Effect was discovered in 2153, by a pair of Lunar researchers working with high energy, high mass particle colliders. They discovered a new fundamental natural force when working with super-dense neutral fluid, discovering it to exert a repellent force on nearby neutral particles, unrelated to electromagnetism or either nuclear force.

Although this force would not be practical to use in technology for decades to come, as it was restricted to appearing only in very high energy bodies, the possibilities of it's use were incredible. Negative B-M force fields could allow artificial gravity to be created, opening the way for non rotating space habitats and a new breed of high energy atomic fusion reactors. Positive B-M force fields could allow powerful hovercraft, super high cutting power force blades, and non material armoring, the two of which are commonly found in the modern day as E-swords and energy shields.

The technology was made viable with the discovery of Plasma, a unique, exotic matter crystal that, due to it's bizarre subatomic makeup, retained a B-M force field no matter what state of matter it was in.

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Unread postby Magitech » Mon Jun 15, 2015 12:50 am






Are you in the future??????

As for the application itself.... It works for me. I'll poke one of the nerds I have on retinue over it being plausible enough.

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