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Player Complaint- Hycinth

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BYOND Key: Smileydemon

Player Byond Key: Hycinth

Staff involved: Doomberg

Reason for complaint: This person as extremely aggressive, to the point of using lethal force against doctors while they break into medical, not explaining anything. Their partner continuously pushed me (Veronica Torren) out of the way while I possessed a rollerbed to put them on. They then ignored me, broke into medical and proceeding to chemistry where they began to steal medical supplies and ignore me. I pressed again to get the warden to stop their bleeding and put into cryo, which I had just set up. but again pushed out of the way and yelled at. Afterwards I tried to take the medical supplies from them and they beat me nearly to death. They then metagamed chemicals to help them by yelling at a freshly arrived chemist. The admin involved, Doomberg seems to think one act of pulling makes all of their actions fine. I disagree wholeheartedly.

Date: 6/14/2015

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I have logs pertaining to the incident as well, and am filing an Incident Report against their character for this issue. No chemicals were "metagamed" and none were given to me. You were a GENETICIST at the time of these actions, I'd like to remind you. I was entirely fine with being left still until a bed could have been procured, however, your pulling me punctured my lungs. I will admit, I overreacted. I have no tolerance for idiots.

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You were literally ignoring the fact that Jillian was bleeding and had a broken chest, which Kaipov kept yelling at Veronica about it. If Kaipov wasn't to take over and treat both of you, Jillian and Veronica, with whatever kits he had, you would've been dead by soon. You were also a geneticist, as Hycinth reminded, you did nothing at all to help and just straight out called us murderers after Jillian harm batonned you out of anger, because you kept neglecting Kaipov from treating her.

Also a reminder, you don't "DRAG" patients, you grab them, if you don't have a roller bed or something nearby.

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I read through this and spoke a bit with Doomberg. It's mainly an IC action which occurred. You should grab injured patients, not drag them, unless you're absolutely positively sure they do not have any fractures or broken bones.

People get injured, sometimes with malpractice, it's dealt with IC consequences. This feels like more Incident Report material.

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