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Overseer's Audio Log

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Day 1-Things are fine. We got some slight power issues, besides that we got stable water supply and stable food supply. Three Dog and Two Cat are running the radio, trying to find people to join the vault. Cafeteria's well-manned, got some amazingly fast staff. Generator's had a few fires, Oliver, Jeanette, and Rebecca were able to put it out. Fucking rad-roaches tunneled into the water supply twice. Godamn pests. We managed to set up a hospital and a lab in the lower levels to produce stim-paks and Rad-X. Phoebe was complaining about the power issues and noise from Dog and Cat's Recording station across the hall. There as a minor incident today, Three-Dog had impregnated two labourers. As I speak Maude and Mcgee are currently nurturing two healthy boys. Now, later in the day, Three-Dog was talking to Syrus during Syrus' shift as door guard. Three-Dog refered to Maude and Mcgee as his "Breeders" which caused Syrus to deck him across the face. We had a transmission from Vira, who we sent out with a stim-pak and two vials of rad-X, that she had found...hold on...One BB Gun, military gear, and leather armour,Along with a total of 179 caps. I told Three Dog to send to radio her to return. Godamn little brat, Roland, is running around and annoying everyone. As a final note, we were attacked twice today. Our militia, Syrus, Stefen, Ashley, Nasir-K, and Kelle were able to hold them off. This time around they had guns, I'm getting a little worried. But hey, being a manager is ever easy, am I right? Overseer signing out.

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