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Forensics Technician - Saulden Ramses

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Official Employee Record

The arrival bay doors hiss as they rise, and not even before they have come to a full open the quick footsteps of a man in a labcoat make their way through. His pale blonde hair swipes back and forth from the air vent above pushing against him, a casual mess sharking through the contrasting halls. He knows where he's going, and he's trying to get there fast. An engineer comes around the corner dragging a bot, and waves. The man freezes, petrified.

"H-H-H --"

The engineer, dirt in the face and a cigar in the lip, raises his brow.

".... H-Hi."

Just like that, he's gone... dropping his ID in a nervous scurry. In a fit of suspicion the curious tinkerer snatches up it up... to see a bright, weathered face to match the mess of bright hair. Scruff on the cheek meets immaculate sideburns, the eyes of the technician looking mighty tired. The name reads Saulden William Ramses.

A cough is heard on the comms.

"Uhm, c-can you please bring me my ID... Mr. Engineer? I can't get into Sec..."

He shakes his head and walks to the doors.

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((Honestly thought this character was a girl over the radio, probably something to do with the number of stammering female characters there are.))


((Just a very nervous forensics tech with a speech problem.

I haven't noticed any stammering female characters yet, surprisingly.))

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