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I might have missed something but I'm really looking for EVERYTHING I can find for IPCs.

I've found 2 seperate Bay Station 12 links that both have the same general information about them in differing formats. Those are, at least, partially incorrect though. I've noted that IPCs on Aurora can be heads of staff, where the Bay Station wiki says otherwise. The Aurora wiki page on IPCs is incomplete and has TBA in all of the sections. I'd like to apply for a whitelist, but want all the info I can gather.

In particular I'm interested in an AI of mine being retired into an IPC is that is functionally possible, hence where more information is needed. I understand the use of a positronic brain isn't standard in an AI unit, but is it possible to transfer that data, or is there another internal memory source that can be used by IPCs?

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Hi Xelnagahunter!

I just wrote a treatment for AI's and IPC's that was accepted I think... twoooo weeks ago? It's not up on the wiki yet (is there a procedure for that? I'll do the formatting if that's an issue), but it is available here.

As to your specific question. Yes! That is totally doable.

There are several AI characters who also play them as IPC's/Androids and vice versa. Typically the IPC versions are played as 'shards', copies of the AI downloaded temporarily into a robot (Red Queen and Katana for example), but some (like Aedan's character IAM) are implied to have a single intelligence core that is physically moved between different bodies.

Either way works.

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