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  1. Ultimately I agree on this but in a slightly different format. We have tons of policies that are enforced that don't exist within the written rule structure. While normally I feel this should be something that applies, I feel that someone doing something special with a gimmick or the like should be allowed to ahelp for an exxception and the playerbase should know that this is doable. This would put such gimmicks in line with things like atmos or engine sabotage, where if you plan to do it in a proper way that does not impede the round but adds to it the admins can give you the okay. I can understand arguments to the contrary, but it would help mitigate the loss of those types of things that can be done well.
  2. I was the captain here and I'm very much on the fence regarding the reaction. When I heard the HoS was being attacked I ran pretty straight for the captain's office to talk to my heads, lock the secure items in the safe and worry about alert levels. By the time I got there Nae's vox had already been inside and snagged access. I fumbled with comms a bit and went to begin making an announcement when I saw the vox and started talking to it with command and sec asking me questions. Eventually I asked permission to tell people I was busy, hoping the AI would look at me and start alerting people I was with a raider (which I'm pretty sure I was ignored). I even responded via PDA to a few officers who thought that asking me repeated questions about where I was with my "guest" via PDA was a smart thing to do. We had some arguments, I brought up my implant a lot to excuse being unable to break regs. That's when I was simply captured, without much fight because I don't have a "sick war story bro" background but a paper pusher one. Fast forward and I'm on their ship, they give me my headset and let me chill but at least someone is with me at all times cause GOOD ANTAGS DON'T ABANDON HOSTAGES IN A CELL (Seriously thank you all). They let me talk to command, tell them I was okay and we even discussed the accident with the HoS. I gave the command staff and the ERT every indication that the vox were good on their word, if not dishonest for attacking in the first place. Fastforward to the tradeoff. There was a small dispute over who would move what into the airlock first, but eventually the vault content went out and I went in, then the ERT rushed right out the airlock. I wish the crew and ERT had listened to me, my captain felt bad for the lethal takedown actually. It would have been nice to capture them or something but I guess that can't always be helped when fighting in space. At the same time the shuttle was coming and the round was ending, if the antags could have gotten more out of the round for us I'd be very much on Nae's side. But honestly, it was over. You'd have fucked off to count your takings had you lived anyway. So as I said, I'm fence sitting on this round as an example. I found it very enjoyable and was just as happy being traded back as I would have been being used for some murder show at the windows. I do feel for your point, but this round isn't the absolute best example of it given when the final events took place.
  3. I agree with the point Brayce is trying to run home here and I actually think it's a better solution to the issue than making any changes for now. That would simply be having the lore team talk to the department and figure our how to separate the titles. Give the engine tech and electrician and engineer different requirements or explain their jobs separately, perhaps explaining that they can still help others if they need to. Give Maint Tech or "insert name here" a page saying that is it a lesser role and enforce that policy. Perhaps there is a stopgap between apprentices who are just starting their degrees and someone who has completed one of the degree milestones.
  4. I'm on the fence here and almost feel like setting Maint tech to the primary title inflicts damage upon what people view the role as. As Brayce mentioned, maint techs tend to be seen as people who do a bit less. Maybe fixing small holes in windows, killing the wall rot, replacing lights, and otherwise assisting other engineering titles in their work without the need for being considered "lesser" role wise like an apprentice. I feel the Station engineer is more suited to full on repair work, independent construction projects, and the like. Station engineer is a role that should be okay at nearly every engineering task, while engine tech and electrician would be specialized, just like the mechanically different atmos tech is. That being said, engineers tend to be the people that invent things and drawn up plans and schematics. And engineer designs a machine, fabrication workers actually build it (albeit usually en mass). My proposal is a rename into something of a construction nature. I don't really have a good title right now but there are enough of us here to think of something. then we have the specialties, Atmos, engines, electrical, construction/general repair, and maintenance/light repair. Just my two cents.
  5. I've only ever played Aurora (I've made single round forays into other servers but usually didn't even finish the full round). With people who have such strong mastery of the mechanics here and the RP rules telling them not to just walk in and bust my head open, I feel like I'd have quit very early on in a lrp server and never would have come back.
  6. The Von part is most assuredly allowed as it constitutes a compound name, however the point being brought up for it being mentioned is that it, in and of itself, does not change the Schrodinger part of the name. This is the argument that you made that was being referenced, so that you understand why it was even brought up at all.
  7. Now that I have your attention, I am not satisfied with the Liaison role when used with the NT faction. Consulars and other company liaisons have ruined the attachment to the NT version that used to be IAA. I've been told time and time again that NT Liaisons are basically still IAA but it just doesn't feel that way since people don't use the role in the same fashions they used to, particularly command. This is the NT representative section on the wiki: They are there to be IAA plus an inspector. This is all well and good but my ID entry in the manifest says "Corporate Liaison" and does not show a faction tag. Even an Idris Liaison looks the same on the manifest, you have to see their PDA/ID to see the company they work for. I'd love to see something that more clearly allows people to be NT members, or even to play IAA in the same manner that the used to. The best way to do this is to let IAA or some other identifying alt-title be selectable for NT faction members, at least in my opinion.
  8. Server Moderator Application Basic Information Byond Account: Xelnagahunter Character Name(s): Standing Among the Rain, Everett Millhouse, and Nazar Kudryoshov are the ones I play currently. AI Name(s): I don't play AI anymore. Discord username + tag: Xelnagahunter#8830 Timezone: EST(-5GMT) When are you on Aurora?: Fairly randomly, I might be on first thing in the morning or late at night and anywhere in between. It depends on my schedule and activities for the day. Experience How long have you played SS13?: I started in 2015 but took a 3 year break at some point in there. How long have you played on Aurora: See Above. How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: Not as much as I want to. I'm fairly good with the basics and engineering. I know the concept of most science stuff, even if I don't know how it all works. I know nothing about medical at all. For sec, I know regulation pretty well as former CCIAA Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: On this one actually. It was only for a few months though. Have you read through the criteria thread; https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=4198 - and believe that you mark off all the criteria?: Yes. Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: No. Personality Why do you play SS13?: As a way to fill my itch to RP within a system that includes a set of mechanics and rules that help limit the characters. Why do you play on Aurora?: Because I enjoy the HRP intent and I was introduced to this server as the first and only server I've played on. What do moderators do?: Moderators are here to serve several purposes. They help players with questions when they can. They stop griefers and others who disregard the rules and remove those players if they seem to be doing so intentionally. They also handle complaints and moderate the forums. All in all, general moderation stuff. What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: It's being someone to whom the players can turn for help, if it's a question or a problem, and to do your best to try to resolve it. Why do you want to be a moderator?: I like helping people, I like this server and it's community. I feel like I've learned more then I knew on my first run as moderator and like I might be able to make a difference. What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: I feel I meet the criteria as mentioned in the linked thread, I have some experience, cool and level headed, and I'm able to go with the flow as needed. How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: Pretty well. I internalize it and let it go to a confidant when I feel it's become too much. Anything Else You Want to Add: The question will come about me leaving the CCIAA team and making a moderator app just after. I disagreed with some ideas and there were other issues internal to the team that I no longer felt like dealing with. This does not mean that I am right and they are wrong or that I left them with any hard feelings. I hope that the direction of the team is always going to be an improvement and I personally wish every member of the team well and consider them friends. Part of my own issues was thinking it hadn't changed from when I was a part of the team last, things changed however and it wasn't really the same, albeit similar. I'm not making that mistake in my application for moderator.
  9. It's perfectly fair. While the game mode isn't in the secret rotation, there is no doubt in my mind that people who vote secret don't give a shit what the round type is. You are trying to place the argument that 8 people didn't want paranoia, but I only view that as a vote of 6 to 4, not 6 to 8 since secret people usually are just trying to get something other than extended most of the time. Not saying that my account is 100% true or accurate, but it's how I see things.
  10. The only thing you've "suggested" is a vague statement of "It's for the elites." That gives me nothing. My character comes from a family of billionaires and is the unworthy son whom will not inherit the money. He works in medical as a resident because that's all the schooling he's ever gotten and it was only because he was forced to. He died one day. He was probably still cloned because his family still loves him in some fashion, even if it is sick and twisted, so they would front the money for that sort of insurance/procedure because he is part of the elite. Unless by this you mean command staff only, including reps and Odin staff. Again, this is a constantly argued thing that has gotten no where in the years since I first joined this server. (Although we did manage to remove genetics a long time ago.)
  11. Cloning is an issue that has come up time and time and time and time and ti- Get it? First is the fact that 99% of the time, an intentional suicide is DNC. The rare incident gets through though. But really, why would we waste time bringing back someone who just killed themselves. Secondly, I've only seen cloning used rarely. I have only been cloned once personally (0/10 terrible experience where a psych beat my face in with his feet), I don't ever get to see it even when I used to play command staff. This isn't saying it can't be done liberally, because if the right players are on then it can be. Also, as was said, it's still a video game. If you find people with bad RP and the like due to a "lack of consequences" then ahelp that shit. I promise, nothing is going to change about cloning any time soon. And not to nitpick, but what is being suggested here? You've not really offered any alternatives or suggestions to make things better, or asked people to respond with the topic of making some sort of change.
  12. It's been a week. Nobody give a shit. Bin this.
  13. Just because I saw @Shadow7889 talking about long hair I had to.
  14. Please let me know on BYOND pager at xelnagahunter, on a Discord direct message at Xelnagahunter#8830, or in PMs on the Aurorastation forums at aurorastation.org as Xelnagahunter if you have any questions!
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