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  1. You have a way of misrepresenting what is being said to you. You take things too literally sometimes and it's making us feel like we beat a dead horse trying to talk to you. In your whitelist application specifically, I was not the only one saying what I said. Others had said it before me and I tried to help clarify. I then had to make another post to clarify that one because you still sounded like you didn't quite get my point. People aren't only discussing you on the forums, you are the topic of a decent amount of chatter on here, discord, and even the server. People are reacting to you in an organic manner based upon the behavior you display when talking to others. Getting punished for something, even if you willingly accept your wrong doing, does not absolve you of the thing. Let's take the comments to Cake as an example: You typed rude and disrespectful things to someone in "retaliation" for being disrespected. What was said that was disrespectful? He spoke to you harshly, as a staff member who is punishing a player should. He was the player involved so he had a right to post on the thread and as a staff member he has access to your notes, which sound extensive. In your retaliation you attacked his personal life, you also called him a "greedy new mod" when it was already stated that he has served time as staff prior to his current trial. You went out of your way to blast someone's character with no proof of anything. AFTER you got in trouble from ANOTHER MOD, you wrote the whole thing off as "my bad." Then you sit here and talk about being warned for it like it should be swept under the rug. The point is that you did something that you KNEW was wrong from the get go. People will think less of you for that. They will talk and this will be something people remember you for. If you weren't so busy defending your "honor" you'd be able to look at the people around you and realize that people have less fun when you are around. I'm not saying everyone. I knew a kid in high school that was hated by most of the school. He had a few friends, people whom either respected or feared him, but everyone else was miserable with him around. Coming to the forums and finding threads like this is draining for me, even when I'm not responding to them. Reading the levels of toxicity that you throw at everyone ruins bits of me every single time I find it. I try to find the good in everything, but I can't see it in you at this point. Like I said before, it's nothing personal. I don't dislike you. I just can't let you act this way and drag me down with you. Please think about your behavior and the way you have talked to people. Look at it from an outside point of view as if someone else were in your spot and you in theirs. Would you really feel like being around that? Hell, you already think some of the server is "after you," why do you want to be around THAT?
  2. I really thought about wanting to join this, but as I was typing such I realized that I already feel my weekends are short and that I play in a game from noon to 6pm EST already. While I currently live in that house I won't soon and that means travel time would make me late anyways. Oh well. If you ever run one in a differing slot, I hope you let people here know as I'd love to see your GMing style. ((I play other RPGs, I have only the most basic understanding of 5E as I've never played that edition.))
  3. I've been a fairly silent bystander while watching things with you. I've also attempted to be helpful and have given you nothing but honest and single-minded respect at every moment I have interacted with you in any way. I'd like to weigh in here though as this seems to be an important topic that you do not seem to understand Orleans. You step out of line consistently. You argue everything to the most minute detail and act like everyone in the world is out to get you. You cling to one time statements, both positive and negative, as if spur-of-the-moment actions and one-time thoughts are final. You act as though a due process is strictly enforced in a gaming community and on a gaming server. The simple fact is that you are brash, rude, condescending, angry, and boisterous at nearly all time in which you interact with the community. You have been spoken to about this on many occasions and in the public eye, yet you refuse to keep your chill during many situations and speak in a manner that shows us some thought over emotional response. You're typical response to someone who posts in any quantity of disagreement to you is: This is just assuming that we haven't and that we haven't found some holes in your logic or even evidence. I have silently agreed on many threads against you because it would not have been proper for me to reply in those situations. This is where it finally is. I don't think you fully grasp the concept of the first rule written on both our server and forums. And before you tell me about that only being on the server as it talks about in-game communications... Your activity has been the cause of a lot of talk and there are people that meme about it, but there are enough people that genuinely dislike the vibes you give off and give to this community and game, myself included. Also, regarding not knowing who people are, you don't have to. We know you. You have a large footprint here and use a very loud voice whenever you have something to say. Because of this we have all walked through these forums and seen the way you interact with people. On the topic of the complaint, I do agree that this should result in something long term if that does not already happen elsewhere. I'd love to see improvement but I don't think that will happen while you are here. I think you need to spend some time away, give yourself ample time to think over your actions and behaviors and to think about the points of view coming from others. Getting in trouble and saying things like "I know you have to warn me", even if it was a good faith acknowledgement of you doing wrong, is bad. The fact that you KNOW you did something wrong and did it anyway or didn't seem to care at first is part of that problem. Take away from my comments what you want, I harbor no particular ill will against you and don't outright dislike you, I just don't think you belong in the same community as I do with your current behavior.
  4. Thea is an amazing character. She brings a realism to the round that is missing more often than not by being a grounding force. When something is going on, she's making sure people are mentally well during and after, a strong link to her psychiatry background. She pulls persons aside and goes out of her way to meet with people in the most comfortable of settings. Her popularity among crew makes her someone whom people want to interact with which can make her seem to spread thin, but somehow she manages to meet with everyone. Her outward demeanor compared to her inner struggles are realistic and if anyone has a chance to speak with her during a crisis, they can often see the amount of effort Thea has to put into being rational and avoiding a breakdown. All in all she is easily one of the best people to get to know in any capacity, if you see her on the manifest, please bolt for the HoP office for something. =P (Make her work.)
  5. All around I can't tell you just how much additional RP I think something like this will bring to the rounds in which we see Thea. Since my return I've interacted with Thea a lot, mainly through IAA roles where I am already working closely with command and tend to play characters that only have bravado behind a desk, never when actually confronted. She has offered tea and other drinks to my characters to calm their nerves during many antag rounds and I love the play that it adds to everything. Just giving her something else to talk about through it would be great. Please consider this. +1
  6. Part of my answer is to let yourself seem ignorant ICly. It's a big galaxy. Maybe you have a hard time reading massive wiki-dumps, that's fine. Ask people about current events where they are from. I am missing a ton of human lore. I'm also missing a ton of other information for the various factions in play. This is mostly because I'm not gonna spend hours reading a wiki on something I'm not stupidly interested in. So unlike my whitelisted races and their homes I didn't go on a binge. I've also taken a huge break from the server recently and there are a LOT of news articles on the forums here that I am not reading, mostly because sorting what I do and don't want to read is impossible. So I just try to learn things as I go by asking people. Seeming ignorant IC isn't always a bad thing, it's a VERY large galaxy with a lot of information being sent from place to place, it's okay for a Bieselite to not keep up with events in Sol or any of the frontier worlds. THose news articles don't get read because they don't effect you, even if they do.
  7. One thing I think would have been for the best would have been a "private comms relay" that only worked on the beach or a PDA server for it. Additionally, a better way to access the beach, such as a teleporter in place of the shuttle that we couldn't recall once stranded on the moon, would have done wonders, there were a few times I wanted to leave for the station and couldn't. Otherwise this was a blast. It was a lot of fun seeing character gather that wouldn't have normally, such as several heads of staff with overlapping positions. It was worth being stranded there and spending 15 mins trying to find someone.
  8. There is a lot of talk here regarding the regrowing of limbs and potentially organs since missing organs would also pose an issue. There was a time that we had a place for that. I'm not sure why we removed genetics, but it seems like bringing bits of that role back is what people kinda want if the loss of cloning. I'm not 100% sure what genetics did but I'm pretty sure they had a machine for creating organic parts. Perhaps that device could be returned to the medical department for that purpose?
  9. Notes aren't actually meant to be as scary as some people think they are. I have a few notes, one about naming conventions on my first day and another about wearing a voidsuit while chilling at the bar (a form of powergaming). More may exist but those are issues that I know I was bwoinked about years ago. If I break a rule, those notes should mean next to nothing at this point as both of them were for minor incidents of "Sorry, I didn't realize." followed by corrective behavior. They were also ages ago. They are there though and will always be. Your notes allow the staff team to determine if you've been spoken to about a thing before. It's not actually a warning system when used properly, it's communication among the staff that is performed in game. Should someone have to bwionk me in the future regarding the wearing of a very uncomfortable space suit when not needed, they will know I've been spoken to previously and can apply a warning. If it's not something that can be seen currently, then I agree with bans of all types being something that can be see, along with dates and if they were lifted or not.
  10. Character firings have always been a very rare form of punishment. This usually requires insanely heavy breaking of regulations or highly repetitive major regulation breaks. The mass majority of our ruling tend to end up in minor injunctions such as no contact orders, temporary demotions, or permanent demotions for slightly more extreme issues. Our lesser punishments do next to nothing to effect in-game things, these include sensitivity training and official reprimands (marks on your CCIA Employment records that the player cannot delete). Even in the event a major punishment occurs, you are usually free to have the character appeal such things with CCIA after a time, including being fired in most cases. Don't let a fear of CCIA actions stifle your RP. We are there to build upon such RP, not to cripple it. Weaponized IRs are also treated differently when found, though since a lot has changed since I was on the team last I am not entirely sure what the procedure is if we discover them.
  11. Conspiir has the right of it in my opinion. Most of the decision should be made with the though of "can we contain this" in mind. If it's not containable, ERT is the best route. If you could prevent it from leaving the station with you, but cannot function on station with it present potentially because it can't be contained normally, then an EVAC is best. If you can function at least mostly normally, albeit at code red or blue, then you should just play the round. Try to minimize time spent in code red though, especially after the 2 hour mark. (I've been stuck in a 4 hour round way back because we were at code red for 3 hours.) It's not really hard to think about what justifies it, but also take into account how the round is going and character mindsets. HoS characters are likely to want ERT to help dominate the antag in a fight, but the CMO should want to get patients off the station as much as possible. Brave characters will want to stay and will vote as such and cowardly characters will want to run. There are a lot of things to take into account beyond the basics.
  12. This is actually a nifty idea, but information such as this should be placed in character setup, not typed randomly every time you measure a person. Metric Kilograms is a perfect unit to use as it is a worldwide standard almost everywhere and plenty of conversion calculators exist. People would start with a standard number if they don't customize it, just like character age is locked at 30, just make it a well average number for height and weight. In all this is actually a good idea and I'd love to see it. I don't play medical, but perhaps this might give people reason to "schedule" checkups for their characters if the docs actually feel like the game helps them do those and are confident in them.
  13. As someone who is opted out of most antag roles, allow me to explain why this is a thing. I'm not robust at all. If I were to roll things such as a team antag like raider or heister, I'd be the one person on the team that couldn't be relied on. In general my mastery of the game's mechanics is low, it's in the lore where I shine, making me perfectly suited to civilian roles and the IAA role that I'm on so often. I play an apprentice/assistant and that's it. I have a few antag roles on and if I'm in a round where I happen to roll an antag role that I feel I'm not ready for, I ask for it's removal so someone else can do it. Otherwise I try to learn how my stuff works and usually do a terrible job of it, making the round not fun for anyone involved. Just some reasoning.
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