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  1. Please update your post to use the format in the link I am providing if you wish to have your appeal considered. Unban Request Format
  2. While I do argue in the defense of security remaining fun and engaging for the players and for their chance to RP realistically to the situation, I agree fully with the premise Skull and others are working towards. Adjusting the "game" aspect of the server is the best way to handle much of it without diminishing the HRP standard. By adjusting how the game works, we adjust the way the player interacts with the station and other players, allowing you to maintain your RP by making such adjustments. So far, outside of SoP changes, the suggested plan doesn't control how you are allowed to play the
  3. I'm fully against the loss of the cadet slot. As previously mentioned, this role is intended for players new to the department and maybe even the game in itself. Every other department has two learning role slots, why should security differ in this sense? I, personally, wouldn't mind the "whoopsie" of having the additional slot in security and no I don't play in the role for it to effect me in a positive way at all. I just don't feel like it's fair to the department, it's players, and new players to implement this. On that note, I also disagree with the comms change. While I like the adjust
  4. MY setup uses 2 cans co2 in the hot loop. Set filters to co2. Perform setup as normal otherwise. 2 phoron cold, 28ish shots. Gets 3MW min.
  5. When you say this, do you just mean CO2 as the hot gas or a setup change? Because I do the former all the time with little to no issue and energy production similar to phoron, just a tad hotter. It never gets out of control unless someone else fucks with it.
  6. It's a problem to you. As another engineering main I don't bother with scrubbers often enough for this to impact play too much. Even it it takes me a half second longer to click a scrubber (located conveniently in the exact center of the tile) then eventually I'll learn to click it spot on every time. As far as holding off, why? Why not let it go through and then make further tweaks as you find the time/energy and piecemeal it to "perfection"? Getting ahead of the game on an updated look would be nice and refreshing to many of us.
  7. While I understand wanting to do more, I'm one of the CEs that will tell you "no" about getting gloves or other tools to perform repairs. So far the only information we have regarding the alt-title role is that it's used for IT purposes. This makes perfect sense as tech support and service technicians are a very different field. I don't ask Geek Squad to fix my appliances, I get a service technician that is trained to work with mechanical hardware. In an IT position, you might replace PC parts, that is the most hardware interaction you get considering 99% of those are pre-constructed and usual
  8. QM is NOT a head of staff role. They answer to the HoP. The HoP is cargo's Head of Staff. Now, it's reasonable to assume that the officer should marginally listen to the QM when within the confines of the department, but in an emergency they over-ride that for the safety of the station and crew IMHO. Remember, that with the exception of the QM being over CT and miner, all non-head/non-apprentice crew are considered equal in rank. The QM and CT are both equal rank to the officer.
  9. Went to Ren Fair last month. Also got myself a new tattoo.
  10. While I understand that we have taken to that mentality, largely because he had to learn to not take them negatively against us, I can also understand the community not liking the use of the term complaint when disputing a staff member's ruling or punishment. They don't feel like they are complaining against the staff but solely this one time instance and don't wanna feel like they are dragging someone's name through the mud. Complaint does imply negative thoughts.
  11. The thing to remember here, which all trial staff have to learn when their heart races from getting their first one, is that staff complaints aren't the same as a player complaint. If you disagree with a ruling/punishment/other, you make a staff complaint. If I act in bad faith in the round or in OOC you should totally make a player complaint against me, not a staff complaint. Maybe a rename of the catagory would ease this mentality, such as making it a "staff decision complaint" or something of the like. But please don't look at the section and think you are speaking ill of us by posting in i
  12. Isn't there gravity on the asteroid because of the station's grav gen? MEaning in order to hover while outside the same loss of fuel would happen as inside. If you wanna do this, make my miner not fall down a hole anymore and just float across it.
  13. I can see it now "He's got bedhead5! He's antag!"
  14. Warden and HoS, along with HoP and Captain have boxes of spare IDs to use when an ID is missing. It might not properly place the charge on their record, but it's an ID to use for those purposes.
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