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  1. Isn't there gravity on the asteroid because of the station's grav gen? MEaning in order to hover while outside the same loss of fuel would happen as inside. If you wanna do this, make my miner not fall down a hole anymore and just float across it.
  2. I can see it now "He's got bedhead5! He's antag!"
  3. Warden and HoS, along with HoP and Captain have boxes of spare IDs to use when an ID is missing. It might not properly place the charge on their record, but it's an ID to use for those purposes.
  4. This is, in most cases, entirely up to the ninjas. If you add another and all it does is further antagonize security, then science still gets nothing out of it. But one ninja, when played right, can zip around and fuck with just about everyone. I delight in the rounds of ninja where they manage to roam about and interact with each department. I don't feel adding any more would do much to the situation. That said, I've never rolled ninja and don't really know all of the details behind it. Take my 2 cents for what they are worth.
  5. I am a moderator on the server who helped to clarify the issues we are seeing that make this case hard to think of as real. You make statements without details and try to fill in those details later, even when the wording choice used seemingly contradicts one another. Take this as you will, but I wasn't trying to "piss on you". Also, our administration (and other) staff team(s) is(are) exactly that, a team. This means we do often work together and communicate with one another in order to better help solve issues. Thank you in advance for understanding.
  6. So, were you "testing" your connections or showing the server to your friends?
  7. My only issue with this bad boi is the ammount of articulation it has. To me, the amount of crontol input you would have to access for 3 actuators that rotate and bend separately as well as 5 human-like digits would be insane. And that's just one arm, now do another arm and two legs, plus possible torso twist. And if you think some sort of glove like control system works, it only does until you have to flip a manual switch or press a button in the cockpit, then you're risking hitting crew nearby or dragging the mech's knuckles on the walls or ceiling. When I said clunky, I meant clunky.
  8. See, I think the issue I'm seeing here as that I don't view the mechs we have the same as either of those two views that Skull presented. I see them as smaller and significantly clunkier. This guy being a good example, just gotta close off the cockpit.
  9. This is the biggest issue I have with the event and has actually damaged rounds for myself or people I was playing with when they have to go to medical for being too close to a wall. (upwards of like 2 tiles away.)
  10. Hi there. You came to me for several answers regarding Dionae and for that I feel that I should comment here. Being familiar with several of Kermit's characters I absolutely trust in their experience at RP. They could do wonders with the little mannerisms that Dionae tend to display. The backstory for this particular Dionae also catches my attention and is very well done, showing me that they fully understand they character they wish to play. The name is long but this happens with experienced Dionae, there are precedents for shortening the name to fit on an ID anyway. In my opinion, they show an understanding of Dionae lore/abilities. All in all I think you'd be a great whitelist holder for the race in general. +1
  11. I'm going to need you to update this to the unban request format found here. This is needed before we will begin looking at this.
  12. I feel so terrible that English is my primary and, in fact, only language. This is mostly because I'm absolute garbo at using it. Yet some of you have it as secondary or tertiary language and school even me on it. >.>
  13. This is the same result as clicking the object in your active hand, no need to create a verb.
  14. The argument I make regarding the version I put is that not everyone is going to know OOCly where to find the station procedure. By giving them a morsel, they understand a bit of the rules regarding it without having to go search it up and are likely to be a bit more curious about it than the quicker and simpler reminder.
  15. I'm actually agreeing with this. The announcements are important as random reminders are a thing I feel NanoTrasen would do in our genre and setting, but I feel that for play-ability the "volume" of these should be toned down. With Directives now being labeled as procedure and given bullet point numbers you could always condense: Into:
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