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Not really an unban request...

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... So much as an acknowledgement that I need a break...

Shit IRL is stacking up and when I logged on today to a station that was without power on half of it and a party going on at the same time... RD (who was deaf or something? And why did they need to come through Cargo to get to the asteroid and why were they using a mining EVA suit when R&D has their own shuttle, EVA and mining gear.) out mining while QM sat with his feet up... I just wasn't interested in dealing with it, today... So instead of going SSD, dropping my gear someplace for another player to use and finding a bed/cryopod... I just removed all my gear, out on the asteroid and walked off the edge and quit without replying to the admin asking why I just spaced myself. I have played dozens of rounds that were more stressful/disappointing (in terms of crew behaviour) and did not respond like I had, today. Just a bad day, didn't want to deal with life, etc... Maybe spacing myself was cathartic, though about as healthy as cutting myself.

I think what really set me off was a lingering bit of salt from when someone decided to Borg a Ripley without clearing it with the Miners first. This was highly inconsiderate and a HUGE hassle for the miners (we had to be nearby to open doors and operate the shuttle.. Honestly, dumbest idea ever.) so when I saw the RD out there and was having trouble communicating and the QM couldn't be arsed to mine, himself... My brain went kinda blank and I just dropped my gear (all of it) outside the mining station. So, hey... at least [the gear] wasn't inaccessible to other potential miners. Aside from the suit the RD was wearing.

I am not asking for an unban, I think it was only a 4 day ban. I'll take [my punishment] and be very grateful if it doesn't become perma. Hopefully I will have calmed down, by the time this gets lifted... If it never gets lifted, so be it... It is your community and if you don't want someone behaving like this, I will understand.

Anyway, aside from this morning's malarky (ba dum tss), I have quite enjoyed my time on Aurora and haven't been (I feel) a real problem... Mostly cos I tend to just go and mine and only really get flustered when exceptionally stupid shit happens.. If I am welcome back, thank you and I'll endeavour to not log on while I'm in anxious/depressive moods. If not... Then thank you for the time. I have enjoyed it. There's some cools folks. Take care and have fun.


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