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[Denied] Unban appeal Valoryx

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BYOND Key: Valoryx

Total Ban Length: Permanant

Banning staff member's Key: TishinaStalker

Reason of Ban: I was banned due to failing to follow rules (Suicide rule)

Reason for Appeal: I am here to appeal my ban, because while I do admit I was rather angry at the time, I was in the wrong. I got into an arguement with a fellow security officer, and was perma'd because I did not apoligize. Then I attempted to kill myself due to my anger of being perma'd over something so simple seeming. I was upset I was put out of the rest of the round just because of an arguement and I didnt find it fair at all. However that isnt the reason why I was banned, I was banned because I attempted to commit suicide because of my frustration with the admin "Tishinastalker" I will admit she was nice enough to tell me to read the rules, (Which I knew ahead of time but like I said I was frustrated and upset) about suicide and I was banned due to not being willing to read the rules, and really I was banned because I refused to listen to the admin. I am appealing today because I dont think I should have been perma'd I think a decent time away would have allowed me to see where I was faulty in my decision. I do believe I was in the wrong and fully admit to that. However I would like to play on this server again, because while the rules are strict, I see why they are nessacery. I was told to make an appeal after I read the rules so here I am. I apoligize and hope to be back to work. I am not a jerk, I just was having a really bad day, and was upset like I said over being pretty much put of the round just because I argued breifly with someone.

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Because you showed no willingness at all to help, and the fact that I was perma'd over an arguement was complete BS and you didnt put any effort into helping me, only complaining that I didnt want to stay in perma for the rest of the round so it pissed me off. Edit: And the WHOLE reason the arguement started with the other sec member was because I was told to shutup, and I told them not to tell me to shut up because thats rude as fuck, and to get perma'd and kicked out of the entire round just because of that is completely rediculous. And quiet frankly, you were being a jerk. And also, you need to note that you actually cant commit suicide with a pen.

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Alright, do you remember what month you were banned on? Preferably around what day? I don't believe that I could've been that huge of a jerk because I don't seriously go "wtf that guy is pen spamming himself? ban". It seems pointlessly ruthless of me the way you describe it, and I actually do my best to help players understand what they did wrong, when they crossed the line in something, and how they can do better in the future to avoid a similar situation. If they're well receptive of it, then that's okay, I let them off easy. If they're going to argue why what they did was wrong, then I have to give them a warning and point them at staff complaints if that's wrong. If they seem completely and totally unwilling to understand rules, then a ban is called for with length depending on the player's history. Your history called for a permanent ban in order to force a line of communication like we have right now.

EDIT: Keep in mind, there's no way the ban happened on 4/10/2015. That day was when I remembered I had banned you because of the fact that you sent me that message, so I looked up your ckey.

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Yeah, well thats how it came off. Ill admit I was being a dick that day, but it didnt seem like you were being friendly and it was my first time on the server so thats what irritated me greatly. I had the thought that "this server is full of pretentious jerks" after being thrown to the dogs from a retarded HoS and then I get an admin that comes off as standoffish and unwilling to assist. I understand its an "IC issue" but thats all you said to resolve is that "Its and IC issue" you atleast could have told them perma is a rediculous sentence just because of an arguement. I dont believe I should have had to sit out the whole round.

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It was most definitely not your first time on the server. Do not misinform me or anyone else because, in fact, your first note was on September 1st, 2014. If it's an IC issue, then there's nothing I can do from an OOC standpoint. If it's an IC issue, then it's not something I can intervene by going around smacking other players. Now, do you remember the exact or approximate date of which you were banned?

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Excellent, I have all of the records right here then. The issue with security was left as an IC issue. Then, you started attacking yourself with a pen; which generate attack logs for staff. I told you to stop it and then:


[22:43:27]ADMIN: PM: Valoryx/(Bjorn Ironshield)->TishinaStalker/(Roxanna Weiss): Negative. IC issue bro :)

[22:43:37]ADMIN: PM: TishinaStalker/(Roxanna Weiss)->Valoryx/(Bjorn Ironshield): Nope. Have you read our rules?

[22:43:50]ADMIN: PM: Valoryx/(Bjorn Ironshield)->TishinaStalker/(Roxanna Weiss): Yeah, I read that you were supposed to be fair too.

[22:44:26]ADMIN: PM: TishinaStalker/(Roxanna Weiss)->Valoryx/(Bjorn Ironshield): I am being fair, and now you're trying to break rules in some sort of attempt to get at me clearly. I heavily suggest reading our rules over again.

[22:44:44]ADMIN: PM: Valoryx/(Bjorn Ironshield)->TishinaStalker/(Roxanna Weiss): Nah. Im good. I wont be here long after this bullshit

[22:45:11]ADMIN: PM: TishinaStalker/(Roxanna Weiss)->Valoryx/(Bjorn Ironshield): Alright. I'll be applying a ban then due to refusal to read and follow the rules. Have a nice day.

[22:45:12]ADMIN: PM: Valoryx/(Bjorn Ironshield)->TishinaStalker/(Roxanna Weiss): Not gonna have someone talk shit to me then brig me

[22:45:21]ADMIN: PM: Valoryx/(Bjorn Ironshield)->TishinaStalker/(Roxanna Weiss): Just straight up bullshit

[22:46:14]ADMIN: PM: Valoryx/(Bjorn Ironshield)->TishinaStalker/(Roxanna Weiss): Oh and ban me too LOL thanks! what a nice visit to the server!

[22:46:47]ADMIN: PM: TishinaStalker/(Roxanna Weiss)->Valoryx/(Bjorn Ironshield): It happens when you refuse to read the rules. Sorry.


So, lets look at this from an administrative point of view:


  • Just had an issue between a player and a warden

    Find out that the player was at fault for being permabrigged

    Deem issue an IC issue because player dug his own grave

    Player starts attacking himself with a pen

    Asked by administration to stop because our rules say to play a normal, sane character and stabbing yourself with a pen in the head repeatedly is not sane. Player should know this if he read the rules like he said he did.

    [22:43:27]ADMIN: PM: Valoryx/(Bjorn Ironshield)->TishinaStalker/(Roxanna Weiss): Negative. IC issue bro :)

    Ask player to read the rules

    Player refuses

    Look up his history on server

    Apply ban for refusing to read the rules and the player having already been previously banned


It's less of me being a jerk, and more of "this player refuses to play by the rules and has a history of repeated rule breaking; banned".

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Define to me how having someone tell me to shutup, and me asking them not to be fucking rude deems me being perma'd? But whatever, ill find a server with admins that actually think with a brain. Or somewhere where people are actually fair. And dont single someone out in game and gang up against me because the person I argued with was a friend.

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Define to me how having someone tell me to shutup, and me asking them not to be fucking rude deems me being perma'd?


You kept daring the Warden to brig you. The Warden took up on that. You dug your own grave.


But whatever, ill find a server with admins that actually think with a brain.


Alrighty. No skin off my teeth. Unban appeal denied. Here's some genuine advice though so this doesn't happen wherever you decide to go: Play by the rules. Administration will never take kindly to people who refuse to play by the rules; regardless of server. Even Goon is pretty strict about their rules, and that deserves some crazy mad respect for their administration/moderation team.

Also, don't let this discourage you from appealing the ban in a future case. You are free to do so again when you desire and feel you have learned from your mistakes.

Have a nice day.

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