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Piejoe21's unban apology

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BYOND Key: Piejoe21

Total Ban Length: Perma

Banning staff member's Key: ffrances

Reason of Ban: Shot HoS when he tried to arrest me, then when told I would be banned, I shot more people

Reason for Appeal:

Well, I done went and messed up.

I realize what I have done wrong, and how I have done things wrong. In the time I have been banned, I have reflected on what I did wrong, and worked to improve in those areas.

Basically, I am saying I am sorry for what happened, and that it won't happen again.

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You've amassed quite a bit of notes. I don't think I have to go on the server to fetch all of them (though I could if you wanted), but I think one consistent issue we had is that you always played very incompetent characters, who were more an annoyance than funny.

For example, a sec officer who takes every order in the most literal and worst possible way, while also being terribly incompetent. That's funny for one round. But playing characters who need to be demoted every round gets on players' nerves really fast. Additionally, your characters have a habit of shooting people (and killing them) by accident or overreaction, up to and including after we jobbanned you from security (you still found ways to shoot people for comedic effect nevertheless, which is why we issued a permaban.)

I would like to see you address these points a bit more (at least a few paragraphs), because considering this is an appeal for a rather serious permaban, I find it a bit short.

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I know I have amassed many notes over time from me playing. Many of these mistakes were when I was rather new to Space Station, and since being new, I went for security before I was ready. However, I believe my gathered knowledge, admitted mistakes, and apology for these mistakes are reason for me being unbanned.

Over the time since I have been banned, I have played Space Station 13 more. I have made sure to play non-security roles, as I have seen these got me in trouble in the past. I have played more and more, taking in knowledge from around places I have played, and learned from these places. Reading guides online, and by simple trial and error, I have garnished experience from around the community. I now believe I know how to conduct myself on Space Station 13 without bringing myself to trouble and admin messages.

I have also taken myself as to looking into why I have been banned. Observing these mistakes, one does see I shot people, a lot. However, I chock this up to my inexperience, and my trigger happiness around weapons. However, I agree that ignorance and being new has not, isn't, and will not be an excuse. Some of my other mistakes, such as with being security, are also due to inexperience, and my yearning for all the cool toys they get, without being prepared for the responsibilities it brings.

Even though I have made mistakes, I think one of the largest reason for my unbanning is my willingness to admit to these mistakes. Yes, I have been so called "shitcurity". Yes, I have been trigger happy and shot people before. But I have taken in those mistakes, and used them as a learning opportunity to better myself as a player. I have reviewed my conduct as of late, and used it in it's entirety to improve my conduct as a player on the server. I know that what I have done in the past is bad, and I will not try to cover it up, as I have done it. Instead of trying to deny them or cover them up behind some fa├žade, I admit to my mistakes, and apologize deeply for them.

We have all made mistakes one time or another while playing. However, I use these mistakes as a new place to learn and improve. I also do not try to hide or deny them, as they are fact. I instead apologize for those mistakes, as the only way to improve oneself is to admit to the mistakes being made, and working to improve them. These reason, combined with manifold others, are reasons as to why I think I should be unbanned.

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Hey Admins, I don't mean to rush you guys or anything, I was just wondering if any verdict on my ban had been reached

Thanks again,


I asked around a bit today, and couldn't get a reply from any of the staff. Since nobody spoke up, I assume there's no objections. Thus, since what you wrote seems reasonable, be unbanned.

Do keep in mind you're on a last chance. All server rules still apply as usual, and you're being granted an unban under the assumption the issues that caused you to be banned in the first place won't come up again.

See you on the server, and have fun playing.

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